Sweden Bans Any Sexual Act Between Human and Animal, Offence Punishable by 2-Year Jail Term (VIDEOS & PHOTOS)

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Sweden is imposing a total ban in 2014 on bestiality or sex between humans and animals. The move would amend current laws that make the act illegal only if cruelty to the animal could be proven.

"There should be no doubt that bestiality is unacceptable ...The government is now tightening the rules surrounding bestiality so there will be no doubt about the fact that it is prohibited to inflict suffering on animals," Minister for Rural Affairs Eskil Erlandsson said in a statement.

Beginning Jan 1, 2014, any sexual acts with an animal would be meted a fine and a maximum prison term of two years or both, despite the lack of signs or injury or suffering by the animal.

Johan Beck-Friis, spokesman of the Swedish Federation of Veterinarians, agreed with the change in the country's law and said it makes an important and clear statement that sex with an animal is unacceptable.

Similar legislations are in place in Germany, Britain, France and Switzerland.

Due to bestial practices, there were 100 cases of animals in 2006 that suffered from injuries believe to have been caused by forced sex between humans and animals.

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