Suspicious Fire Wipes Out Nimbin and Rainbow Cafe

  @AringoYenko on August 13 2014 4:42 PM

Suspicions were being cast on the root cause of the fire that wiped out the historic town of Nimbin and the famous Rainbow Cafe'.

Detective Inspector Cameron Lindsay told ABC Radio that a crime scene had already been established and the investigations are leaning towards the root cause of fire coming from suspicious acts.

"There are aspects of the fire that have raised some suspicion - the large scale and the damage that that fire has done. Obviously with a very large fire, it will take some time to determine the seat of the fire and also possible causes," Lindsay said.

The main touristic street of Nimbin and the well-known Rainbow Cafe' were destroyed.

Lismore City Councilor Mayor Jenny Dowell said that the historic building that gutted out by the fire played a very important role for the town's tourism. She described the wreckage as "a big blackened gap in the streetscape of Nimbin."

Superintendent Michael Brett from the Rural Fire Service confirmed that Rainbow Café was extinguished, so as the Nimbin museum.

"It's really right in the middle of town, the Rainbow's probably the heart. The museum's the biggest tourist attraction. It's a bloody mess. All Tribes is the shop next door, it's gone, and I'd say half of [marijuana-themed shop] Bringabong's gone," Museum Manager Michael Balderstone told ABC Local Radio.

Jodee Ticheorne, manager for Rainbow Café for 10 years now, said her heart goes out to the 20 employees who are now jobless because of the tragedy.

Australians post their heartbroken messages to Nimbin Hooks Up Facebook Page.

They were one in saying that too much history was gone, but memories of the place will linger.

Many expressed their concerns for the people who found themselves out of job after the incident.

"And all those who relied on the Rainbow for their employment, gone, how many jobs, part time and full, love to Jodie, what a horror to face," one comment reads.

"The face of nimbin has been erased. Stand strong peeps. Love to you all," another comment goes.

Some were trying to lift the spirits up by maintaining positive attitude.

"Let's get on with rebuilding our town as quickly as possible," one post said.

"Agreed... this can only serve to strengthen our resolve..." one poster responds.

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