Suspended Canadian Senator Patrick Brazeau Starts Working in Strip Club as Manager

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Suspended Canadian senator Patrick Brazeau has got a new job. He is working in one of the strip clubs in Ottawa as a manager.

Mr. Brazeau started his job at BareFax Gentlemen's Club on Tuesday February 18 after he had been suspended without pay from the Senate in November 2013. The strip club he is working in is quite close to Parliament Hill which is situated in Byward Market.

CTV News reported that Mr Brazeau was interviewed for the post of a day manager around two weeks after he had been referred by one of the family friends of the club owner, as told by the daughter of the club owner. His job requires him to work four days a week, while he is going to enjoy off-days on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. He will be responsible for managing around 25 staff.

According to the authorities of BareFax, Mr. Brazeau's appointment was not meant to bring additional attention to the club. On the contrary, he was given the job since the owner was convinced about his strength in communication as well as people skills. Such capabilities are going to be his asset as the manager of the club. Mr Brazeau, like any other employee at the club, will have to go through a probation period for three months.

Reporters were already there in front of the strip club to have a conversation with Mr Brazeau when he arrived there on Wednesday. However, he decided not to talk to the reporters for some reasons. Mr Brazeau may not be a stranger to the job of a reporter as he had earlier worked as one of the freelance reporters for Frank Magazine based in Halifax. It was where he worked in December after his suspension. Mr. Brazeau, nevertheless, could only manage to write only one column before he was asked to quit the job.

Mr. Brazeau was suspended from the Senate on the charge of breach of trust and fraud.

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