Survivor San Juan del Sur Blood vs. Water Cast Spoilers, 4th Couple Revealed as Model and Ex-Baseball Player – Report

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"Survivor San Juan del Sur Blood vs. Water" or "Survivor Season 29" has reportedly finished filming and while it has been on air since 2000, die-hard fans of the show are still curious to find out who will star in the latest season of the CBS reality show hosted by Jeff Probst. Since it's dubbed as another "Blood vs. Water" edition, it will have couples that are made up of loved ones. But, this time, the couples will be all new cast members, unlike the first "Survivor Blood vs. Water" (Season 27) in Palaui Island, Cagayan. Spoiler Alert! This article contains "Survivor Blood vs. Water" cast spoilers. Read only if you want to know more.

Redmond O'Hanlon, the Twitter user who tweets about "Survivor" spoilers, especially about its location and cast members, has revealed another pair of loved ones that will be part of "Survivor San Juan del Sur Blood vs. Water."

"John Rocker (retired MLB player) and Julie McGee (model and business owner). (credit MayanSun). #Survivor," tweeted O'Hanlon on his official Twitter account.

Below is a list of the expected "Survivor San Juan del Sur Blood vs. Water" cast members already revealed by O'Hanlon.

1.      Julie McGee (model and business owner) and John Rocker (retired MLB player)

2.      Alec (Lacrosse Player) and Drew Christy (Model) - Brothers from Winter Park, Florida (FL)

3.      Josh Canfield and Reed Kelly (actors) - Couple from New York

4.      Nadiya and Natalie Anderson - Twin sisters from Edgewater, New Jersey (N.J.) who were part of "The Amazing Race" Season 21 and "All-Stars" edition.

Click HERE to see a photo of them which was also posted on O'Hanlon's Twitter account.

No official word from CBS though. The confirmation from CBS could be released as the premiere of "Survivor San Juan del Sur Blood vs. Water" nears. Stay tuned for that!

And that's the latest "Survivor San Juan del Sur Blood vs. Water" cast spoilers. Don't miss it when it premieres on CBS on Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014. For the latest updates about "Survivor," keep reading the International Business Times, or IBTimes. Check out other news about entertainment, sports, finance, health, technology and business at IBT.



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