Survivor Philippines: Five Reasons for Mike Skupin’s Loss [PHOTOS]

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Contestant Michael "Mike" Skupin made a historical comeback in the reality TV show "Survivor: Philippines." Though he reached the point of being part of the final Tribal Council, Skupin was unfortunate to take home grand prize of $1 million and the "Sole Survivor" title.

In a post-finale interview, Mike Skupin confirmed his disappointment with his loss. Skupin was certain that he won the game until TV host Jeff Probst announced the final votes.

 Here are five reasons why Mike Skupin Lost in Survivor Philippines:

1.       Mike Skupin blamed the peer pressure at Ponderosa for his loss.

2.       The 50-year-old Skupin revealed that there was one tribe member blackmailed him. If Skupin voted him out, the tribe member threatened to negatively impact the jury.

3.       A hostile relationship with another Survivor contestant Artis Silvester. The two have not spoken to each other since leaving the island.

4.       Despite knowing Survivor contestan Lisa Whelchel's past, Skupin still did not vote her out. For him, it was an unnecessary thing to do even though he heard about the negative attitude of Lisa. Skupin stated: "I thought I should stand on the merits of my game rather than try to knock somebody else off theirs."

5.       Skupin did not acquire all of the eight votes that he expected to get in order to win despite covering the three important factors of the Survivor game: outwit, outplay and outlast.  

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