“Survivor: Blood vs Water” Season 27, Episode 10: Ultimate Betrayal with Mother vs Daughter as Ciera Joined Tribe to Eliminate Mom Laura

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Episode 10 of “Survivor: Blood vs Water” saw the ultimate test for a daughter against her own mother as Ciera joined her tribe to eliminate her own mother, Laura.

Described by the Huffington Post as the “ultimate betrayal and perhaps the ultimate blindside” on the reality show, the episode, “Big Bad Wolf,” saw Ciera joining her group to vote out her mom. The “Survivor” contestant is said to have written down “Mom” to send her home in hopes to advance her own game.

Laura took Ciera’s move “very well,” noted the Huffington Post. While she fought to stay at the Redemption Island instead of being totally send home, Laura promised Ciera she would come back for her.

Ciera was heard apologizing repeatedly as her mom, Laura was walking out of the Tribal Council.

This is not the first time Laura was sent to the Redemption Island. Episode 6 this season, “One-Man Wrecking Ball” saw Laura inhabiting the Redemption Island but was able to get back to the game when she cruised to first place at the Redemption Island Duel, beating out John and Brad. She stayed on top of her game in the hopes to be reunited with daughter, Cierra once again.

Critics did not take Ciera’s move to eliminate her own mother to advance her game as well as her mom, Laura.

The Huffington Post noted how Dalton Ross of the Entertainment Weekly raising concerns over Ciera’s judgment to “ask her own mom to give up,” to protect her own game.

"Ciera basically asked her mom to lay down and die should they make it to the final 6, explaining that if she won immunity, that Ciera would likely be sent home instead," Dalton said of Cierra, according to Huffington Post, before adding, "It’s one thing to vote your mom off if that is the inevitable play anyway. Asking your mom to give up, however, just because it is better for you, is another thing entirely.”

If sent home in Episode 10, Laura would have made the a jury at the tribal council. This means that the strong bond between mother and daughter ( as clearly seen when Laura made her promise to Ciera she would come back) may not work in the mother-daughter tandem.

Citing Andrea Reiher of Zap2It, the Huffington Post said that “Laura wasn’t helping Ciera’s game at all.”

"Laura pipes up that they should not want to send her to the jury because she'll be there campaigning for her loved one. They should keep her because at the end, she and Ciera will have to compete against each other, but that is a terrible tactic -- she just told them why they should get rid of CIERA after she's gone. Dumb dumb dumb,” Reiher said, according to the Huffington Post.

 Will Laura be able to come back for Ciera after her second trip to the Redemption Island?

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