A Survey Finds Out Top 10 Mistakes Brits Make During Sex

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Couples kiss at the base of the flag pole at the Zocalo square in downtown Mexico City January 17, 2013.
Couples kiss at the base of the flag pole at the Zocalo square in downtown Mexico City January 17, 2013. Reuters

Physical intimacy not only adds up the much-needed spice to a relationship, it also helps in stabilising the bond between two people.

There remains strong individual preference when it comes to having sex, some choices are right and serves better in the long run, while some of them are not meant to be appreciated.

According to the report by the Daily Mail, a research conducted by UKmedix.com had pointed out the top 10 mistakes Britons tend to make while making love to their partners.

As explained by the Daily Mail, the most common mistake is the misdirected thrusting, there were 2,379 participants and 51 per cent of them confirmed that they had come across this awkward event during sex.

ABout 42 per cent of the participants had gone through moments when their partners called them by a wrong name, and they marked it as an awful turn off.

A significant 39 per cent stated they fell out of the bed while having intercourse, and 29 per cent said revealed to receive injury during sex.

There were different kinds of accidents, from experiencing cramp to burning carpet.

Another 25 per cent confirmed that breaking a bed while making out. Eleven per cent of participants got trapped outfits or restraints, while 9 per cent experienced what it felt like “losing items in inappropriate places.”

The fourth mistake was sheer failure when it came to talk dirty, 33 per cent confessed to have messed it up.

A whopping 31 per cent admitted that they directly got “caught in the act.”

The survey concluded that 21 per cent of people landed up with a sexual partner who dozed off or fell completely asleep during sex.

Here Goes The List 1. Misdirected thrusting 2. Calling out by the wrong name in bed 3. Falling out of bed while having sex 4. Less skilled when it comes to talk dirty 5. Getting caught during intense love making act 6. Receiving an injury during sex 7. Dozing off during sex 8. Getting stuck in outfits or restraints 9. Losing items in inappropriate places

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