‘Supernatural’ Star Jared Padalecki: Musical-ish Episode Will be Based on Chuck’s Books + Jensen Ackles’ 'Nude Scene'

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Will “Supernatural” be bringing back Chuck? Star Jared Padalecki teased about its 200th episode, a.k.a. the Musical-ish one, saying Sam and Dean will be doing a play based on Carver Edlund’s “Supernatural” books. Also, Jensen Ackles has a naked scene?

Speaking to Zap2It, the 32-year-old actor, who plays Sam Winchester in the show, teased fans on what the 10th season entails.

As what was revealed in the cast members’ past interviews, the next season will be about Sam looking for his missing brother, Dean (Ackles) being a demon with the help of Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and Castiel (Misha Collins) in danger of dying.

According to Padalecki, the season premiere will be “very action-y” and high-paced. Unlike the season nine finale, 10 will start off with high energy.

As for the 200th episode that every fan can’t stop talking about, he confirmed that “it’s awesome.”

“The episode will be very meta. It’s a pure shout-out and thank you to the fans,” Padalecki said of the highly anticipated musical episode.

“I haven’t had the chance to read it yet but I’ve heard it’s almost similar to our ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ episode. We’re not at a convention but we’re at a place where they’re doing a play based on the Chuck Shurley books. So not only are these books based on our lives, now people are doing a play based on these books, and someone is haunting it so we go and try to investigate what’s going on at this play based on the books about our lives.

“It’s certainly a direct shout-out to the fans and a thank you for their years of commitment to us. They are the reason why we’re here. I can’t wait to read it!”

A couple of questions, though. First is he said “we,” so does that mean Dean is back demon-hunting with him even though he himself is now a demon?

Second, it’s a Chuck play for his “Supernatural” books, are they bringing back Chuck?

Just a quick refresher, Chuck, played by Rob Benedict, was a Prophet of the Lord who penned novels about the Winchesters’ adventures. He had thought the whole thing was just fiction, something that just came up to him whenever he got a headache, but it turned out that he was a prophet and his hot flashes were signs from God.

At the end of season three, however, Chuck mysteriously disappeared into thin air, prompting speculations on whether he was just a prophet or actually God.

He was not seen anymore after that, with Castiel telling Sam and Dean that he might already be dead.

Back to Padalecki’s interview, he also mentioned that the thing that he is excited for fans to see in season 10 is “Jensen has a naked scene.”

“No,” he laughed, which perhaps unfortunately meant that there isn’t really any nude scene from the 36-year-old former “Days of Our Lives” actor.

“What I’m most excited for fans to see is the Sam Winchester that they love. The Sam Winchester that will do anything for his brother, and will do anything to do the right thing. Sam can vacillate from trying to do what’s right to trying to live a low-key life, trying to get out of the family business.

“I don’t think the fans like that sSAm as much as the one that’s trying to make tings right. So we get to see this steely-resolved Sam who will do anything for his brother this season and I think eveyrone’s going to like seeing that again.”

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