‘Supernatural’ Spoilers: EP Jeremy Carvel Reveals Winchesters’ Cold War + Dean & Crowley and Sam & Castiel?

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“Supernatural” boss Jeremy Carver has spilled the beans on the epic silent war between the Winchester brothers. The executive producer told fans to be optimistic about Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) rift and to watch out for the repercussion that might come with Castiel’s (Misha Collins) stolen grace.

Speaking exclusively with TV Line, Carver has revealed the show will be exploring the cold war that’s been brewing between Sam and Dean this current season.

The Winchesters’ Cold War

Sam is still smarting over the fact that Dean tricked him into agreeing to become a vessel for an angel that Dean thought was Ezekiel. It wasn’t Ezekiel; it was the imprisoned angel Gadreel, who used Sam’s body to kill prophet Kevin Tran.

Dean argued that he did it to save Sam’s life, and said that he knew Sam would do the same if the roles were reverse. It turned out that Sam wouldn’t, which understandably upset Dean.

And although the Winchesters started working together again, the tension between the brothers keeps on mounting, and it looks like it will remain longer.

Samtiel and Deanley?

Carver called the sibling war the “front-and-centre” issue, saying that neither brother would be willing to budge. And as a result, they would be spending more time with other people, namely Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and Castiel.

“You’ve seen Dean more with Crowley. You’ve seen Sam more with Castiel. They’re growing in a way that... finally they’re forced to go out on their own a little bit more, and they start to develop new friendships,” the EP said.

Does that mean that fans would have to come up with new names for the new pair? Destiel (Dean and Castiel) would be replaced with Samtiel (Sam and Castiel) and Deanley (Dean and Crowley)?

Don’t cry yet for the lost love between the brothers, though. Carver assured viewers that the “bond of their relationship is deeper than either of them would actually believe.”

Sam’s Angelic Grace and Dean’s Demon Mark

As for the brothers’ individual problems, they are going to manifest soon. In what appears to be a role reversal from the first few seasons, in which Sam had demon blood inside him and Dean had been a protected would-be angel vessel, they suddenly found themselves being bearers of angelic and demonic marks.

Some of Gadreel’s grace is still inside Sam, and the producers are “not done talking about it” yet, so except to see “more layers to it that are going to take a little while for even Sam to understand.”

Dean, on the other hand, now bears the Mark of Cain, and that’s “all stuff we start exploring this week.”

Castiel’s Stolen Grace and Heavenly Mission

Let’s not forget that Castiel is only an angel again because he stole another one’s grace. Keep that in mind because Carver teased that it’s something that would be explored thoroughly in the coming episodes.

“[It] is an issue which will not go undealt with,” he said.

Nevertheless, Castiel is on a mission to take back Heaven, but he just doesn’t really know how to go about it.

“...he’s constantly re-examining that because he doesn’t want to fight the same way Bartholomew wanted to fight. He doesn’t want to kill angels in the way they’ve been killed. And he’s not certain he’s a leader, either. This is a guy who has done, arguably, more harm to angels than good and a guy who’s severely aware of his own limitations.

“This idea that angels might want to follow him, it’s a very, very heavy burden for him to grapple with. And we’ll see him continue to grapple with it.”

Carver added that viewers can expect the storylines of Castiel’s angelic war and Dean and Sam’s mission to intersect soon.

Crowley’s Human Blood Addiction

Crowley’s hate-hate relationship with Dean and Sam is set to alter, thanks to his addiction to human blood. He has already shown signs of human emotions at the end of last season, and, as Carver teased, that might continue this season.

“We’ve seen real unique interaction this year, particularly between Dean and Crowley, and largely as a result of Crowley’s blood addiction. We’re going to see even more shades of that coming up.”

“Supernatural” airs on ELEVEN Monday nights.

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