'Supernatural' Season 9 Spoilers: Ghostfacers to Return in Second Half of Season 9, More Episode Titles Revealed


"Supernatural" Season 9 will reportedly bring back the Ghostfacers in the second half of the season set to air in January 2014. The Screen Fad report claims they have confirmed the return of actors A.J. Buckley and Travis Wester in the CW TV series from the "Supernatural" convention held in Burbank over the weekend.

A.J. Buckley and Travis Wester will be returning as their Ghostfacers characters known as Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spangler, respectively. However, the detail on what episode the duo will appear is currently under wraps.

The Ghostfacers made their first appearance in "Supernatural" during Season 1's "Hell House" episode where they came across the Winchester brothers during their ghost hunt. Then, they came back in Season 3 with the episode "Ghostfacers" filmed in a documentary style.

The Ghostfacers were last seen in Season 4 with the episode title "It's a Terrible Life" where Sam Wesson (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Smith (Jensen Ackles) watched their ghost hunting videos. Additionally, the duo appeared in the Ghostfacers' ten-episode Web series that aired on the CW network's Web site.

The Ghostfacers are considered to be the "longest, surviving and recurring" characters of "Supernatural." Fans will be excited to find out what situation will make Sam and Dean Winchester cross paths once again with the Ghostfacers and how they will interact in solving a mysterious case.

In the meantime, the Cartermatt.com report has revealed the titles for "Supernatural" Season 9's upcoming Episode 14 and 15. However, the titles that came from the SpoilerTV report appears to be plain or do not sound catchy this time compared to the previous episode titles that the TV series had.

Episode 14 will be called "Old Friends" after the title change from "Nowhere to Go But Down." The upcoming episode title suggests that another familiar face could be returning in "Supernatural" Season 9. On the other hand, the Episode 15 title is "Back in Black" where Sam and Dean could be dealing with death or evil based on the colour option in the title.

"Supernatural" Season 9 airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. EST on the CW network.

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