'Supernatural' Season 9: Jared Padalecki Featured in Latest CW Promo Photo as Sam Winchester, Tweets Set Image with Jensen Ackles and the Impala [PHOTOS]

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It is now Jared Padalecki's time to take the spotlight with his solo CW promo photo for the upcoming "Supernatural" Season 9. The CW Television Network released the image of actor Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester on Friday, August 30, via the social networking site Twitter after initially releasing Jensen Ackles' Dean Winchester and Misha Collins' Castiel solo promo photos.

The latest "Supernatural" Season 9 promo photo shows Mr Padalecki looking very serious and intense as the younger Winchester brother named Sam. Fans are expecting more exciting events and action in the upcoming new season especially with Sam getting very sick from the Season 8 finale as a result of the ritual performed with Crowley.

Sam Winchester must be able to deal with what happened and determine how he will recover from the ailment. Aside from his personal issues, Sam will deal as well with the arrival of more fallen angels to Earth where most of them become disoriented.

"Supernatural" fans can expect more thrills with other characters in the upcoming episodes like Castiel being completely transformed into a human without his powers along with loads of fallen angels and the dead Bobby, portrayed by actor Jim Beaver, appearing once again for more action. Furthermore, a new evil character will be appearing with the plan of capturing Crowley's position as the new King of Hell.

The cast and crew may be very busy right now filming for the new episodes, but Jared Padalecki managed to sign in on his Twitter account @jarpad to share an image of the "Supernatural" set featuring his co-star Jensen Ackles and the Impala geared up for some TV action.

Jared Padalecki shared the image that was taken while they were filming "Supernatural" Season 9 and posted a caption that reads: "Hey guys, this is MY view." The Winchester boys will return on the small screen to continue their journey when "Supernatural" Season 9 premieres on Tuesday night, October 8, at the CW Television Network.

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