‘Supernatural’ Season 9 Finale: Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins Say Sam and Castiel Will ‘Team Up’ to Save Dean [VIDEOS]

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“Supernatural” stars Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins tease the season finale of the show, saying that their characters Sam Winchester and the fallen angel Castiel will “team up” to save Dean (Jensen Ackles).

The whole fandom is scared.

On Tuesday night in the U.S., the ninth season of the show will air its finale episode, and fans are worried about what will happen to the main characters in the end, particularly to Dean, who has acquired the legendary Mark of Cain from Cain himself.

The mark has been messing with Dean’s logic and temperament, and viewers have a feeling that the mark hasn’t shown its full potential yet.

As Jensen told IGN in an interview, the season ender is “a bit of an eye opener,” which leads fans to think that Dean will turn demon in the end.

J2 (Jared and Jensen’s collective nickname as given by fans) and Misha also teased that fans will “freak out” at the last second of the show, which could possibly mean that Dean will open his eyes at the last second, showing black eyes.

In an interview with TV Line at The CW Upfront, Jared revealed that Sam and Cas will be trying to save Dean together.

“Sam and Cas are going to have to team up because Dean has powers that are heretofore unknown, so they’re surprising both Sam and Cas,” Jared said. “We have to go to a pretty big extreme to take care of what’s going on with Dean.”

The cast has been hinting that the show will end on a “huge” cliffhanger this season that will change the game “big time.”

“More than any other season before, this season finale has implications for Season 10,” Jared added.

In a separate interview, Jared said that he cried when he read the script, but he is still excited to watch the episode itself.

As for Castiel and his stolen grace, Misha said that he “may go to great lengths” to save himself.

During the last episode, it was revealed that the grace is slowly killing Cas like a poison in his blood, though he just have “enough” time to defeat Metatron (guest star Curtis Armstrong) before it completely consumes him.

“I’m interested to see what the writers do with Cas’ fading grace in Season 10,” Misha said, adding that the finale on Tuesday is “chilling.”

“It may be the best last 10 seconds of a season that we’ve had in five years,” he revealed.

Sam and Dean have not started on the right foot this season, with the brothers spending most of the season at odds with each other. But Jared assured fans that they won’t lose that brotherly love that they have for each other in the ending.

“A lot of what makes Sam and Dean Sam and Dean and a lot of that brotherly love that the show is based on. You see a lot of it in the finale, in a weird way. So hopefully, next season, we bounce off of that” to show a stronger bond between the two, he told TV Line.

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