Supernatural Season 10 Spoilers: Scottish Actress Ruth Connell Cast as Rowena, Misha Collins Talks about Castiel in New Season

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"Supernatural" has found the actress that will portray the new female character named Rowena in Season 10. Additionally, it is actor Misha Collins' turn to tease the fans on what to expect in the brand new season especially with his angel character, Castiel, who is losing his stolen grace.

According to the TV Line spoiler report, Scottish actress Ruth Connell will be joining the "Supernatural" cast as the recurring character Rowena. The new female character has been described in the previous TV Line spoiler report to be a mysterious tough woman with nothing stopping her in reclaiming her power base.

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, the main cast members of the CW TV series have already been asked for details on "Supernatural" Season 10 together with executive producer Jeremy Carver during the 2014 TCA summer tour. Now, Misha Collins is getting interviewed to talk about where his character will be when "Supernatural" returns with Season 10 in October.

The 39-year-old actor teased that Castiel will be dealing with two huge issues at the beginning of "Supernatural" Season 10. "We find Castiel beginning to try to help with the Dean-as-a-demon problem. But he will also be trying to grapple with his own issues because of his fading grace," Collins shared in the Zap2it interview.

When asked about the Dean-Crowley relationship happening in Season 10, Misha Collins revealed that his character will not be a fan of Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) becoming a demon and his fraternizing with the King of Hell Crowley (Mark Sheppard). "I think that Castiel's relationship with Crowley is certainly pretty strained. Castiel is definitely conflicted about the character of Crowley. Can I just leave it at, 'It's complicated?'" the actor explained.

Misha Collins further teased that the "Supernatural" Season 10 storylines on Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean, Castiel and Crowley will be intertwined but there will still be strong and independent storylines for the four "Supernatural" characters where the personal arcs does not really become interdependent with the arcs of other characters. "It's a very much more, I would say, personal season than seasons of the past," the actor shared.  

Misha Collins is excited for the fans to see "Supernatural" Season 10 because the CW TV series has the potential of becoming the emotionally impactful season with personal character struggles happening. "Supernatural" Season 10 is scheduled to premiere on Tuesday night, Oct 7, at 9 pm ET/PT on the CW Network.

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