Supernatural Season 10 Spoilers: Premiere Episode Title Clarified on Twitter, Dean Winchester to be One Scary Demon

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Details on "Supernatural" Season 10 are spilling as production for the new season of the CW TV series kicked off in Vancouver. However, a clarification has been made on the reported premiere episode title of "Supernatural" Season 10.

TV Line has reported that the premiere episode of "Supernatural" Season 10 is tentatively titled "Soul Survivor" but co-executive producer Jim Michaels clarified the information on Twitter. "Please note that the season 10 premiere of #Supernatural is NOT titled Soul Survivor! Thx!" Michaels posted on his Twitter account @TheJimMichaels on Saturday, July 5.

According to the Enstars report, "Supernatural" Season 10, Episode 3 will have the title "Soul Survivor" where the new female character, Rowena, will be introduced. It will also be the episode that "Supernatural" actor Jensen Ackles will work on as the director.

The co-executive producer made the announcement on Twitter last June. "The episode of #supernatural Jensen [Ackles] is directing will air as the 3rd one in season 10," Michaels tweeted on Thursday, June 26. Jensen Ackles portrays the main character Dean Winchester but the 36-year-old actor takes time to work on his directing skills for some "Supernatural" episodes.

A couple of Ackles' work include Season 6, Episode 4 titled "Weekend at Bobby's," Season 7, Episode 3 titled "The Girl Next Door" and Season 8, Episode 3 titled "Heartache." As for Jensen Ackles' character Dean Winchester, the latest spoiler reports tease that fans should prepare seeing a really scary Dean in "Supernatural" Season 10.

"Supernatural" writer John Bring teased the fans on Twitter that Dean Winchester will be scary with the power of the Mark of Cain taking over him. "I can't wait to see Jensen kill it as demon Dean. He's gonna be one scary sonofab***h (sic)," Bring posted on his Twitter account @the_john_bring on Wednesday, July 2.

The Season 9 finale had Dean Winchester embracing his new life as a demon after Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) killed him with the angel blade. Actor Jensen Ackles has weighed in on his character's shifting personality and strength in the upcoming new season at the fifth annual Jus In Bello Con in Rome.

"You've got to think about the fact that he's got the Mark of Cain as well. So you look back at what that was for Cain and the power that he had against other demons. So is Dean going to be this ultra-powerful demon, and therefore be ultra bad? I don't know. I will say that I'm looking forward to exploring what that means and where that's going to take the story," the actor explained in the Enstars report. "Supernatural" Season 10 is scheduled to premiere on Tuesday night, Oct 7, at 9 pm ET on the CW Network.

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