Supernatural Season 10 Spoilers: New Female Character Named Rowena Added, Casting Team Looking for an Actress with Scottish Accent

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"Supernatural" fans will be introduced to a new female recurring character when the CW TV series return with Season 10. The latest spoiler reports revealed that the new character's name is Rowena but it is still unknown if she will be an ally or an enemy in "Supernatural" Season 10.

According to the TV Line spoiler report, Rowena is described as a tough but elegant woman. Furthermore, there is nothing that will stop the new character in reclaiming her power base.   

No actress has been cast for the role yet but the "Supernatural" team is reportedly looking for one that has or can perfect a Scottish accent. The Zap2it report suggests the Scottish root of this new character could have a connection with Gavin MacLeod (Theo Devaney), Crowley's (Mark Sheppard) son.  

It is speculated that Rowena will be killed off since "Supernatural" has the reputation of doing that to the female characters in the TV series. The latest female character that died, thanks to the Mark of Cain and First Blade on Dean Winchester, is the Knight of Hell Abaddon (Alaina Huffman) in "Supernatural" Season 9, Episode 21 titled "King of the Damned."

The TV Line spoiler report further teased that the "Supernatural" Season 10 premiere episode is tentatively titled "Soul Survivor." The premiere episode will be picking up on the Season 9 finale's cliffhanger ending where Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) woke up with his new condition or kind of life.  

Actor Jared Padalecki, who portrays Sam Winchester, teased that "Supernatural" Season 10 will be about Dean's rebirth as a demon after Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) killed him in the Season 9 finale titled "Do You Believe in Miracles?" Dean Winchester is expected to have a hard time accepting his new life as Crowley's little minion since he has hated demons and dreaded becoming one.

Fans are hoping that Sam and Castiel (Misha Collins) will be able to find a way to cure and bring back Dean. "Supernatural" will return with Sam and Castiel teaming up to deal with demon Dean and Crowley in the brand new Season 10 on Oct 2014.

The premiere episode is scheduled to air on Tuesday night, Oct 7, at 9 pm ET/PT on the CW Network.

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