'Supernatural' Season 10 Spoilers: Mark Sheppard Now a Series Regular in New Season, Crowley to Play a Huge Part in Dean's Demon Life

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"Supernatural" fans will be seeing more of Crowley, the King of Hell, when the CW TV series return for Season 10. Actor Mark Sheppard, who portrays the demon character, now joins his co-stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins as a regular cast member in the series upcoming new season.

According to the Zap2it report, "Supernatural" Season 10 will be focusing on Dean Winchester's (Jensen Ackles) new life as a demon after dying with the Mark of Cain. It was Crowley who told Dean about what really happened to Cain (Tim Omundson) and the Mark so the King of Hell will also be the one to help Dean with this new chapter in his life.

There is still no confirmation yet on the exact number of episodes Crowley will appear but becoming a series regular means actor Mark Sheppard will be appearing more than usual. The Buddy TV report noted that the 49-year-old English actor has appeared in nine episodes for Season 7 and 8 after the demon character's initial introduction in Season 5.

Aside from Crowley and Dean's relationship in "Supernatural" Season 10, another dynamic that the fans could look forward to is Crowley's relationship with his son Gavin (Theo Devaney). In Season 9, Episode 21 titled "King of the Damned," Abaddon (Alaina Huffman) took a trip to 1723 to kidnap Gavin and use him against his father Crowley.

After Abaddon's death, the Winchester brothers wanted Crowley to bring back his son to where Abaddon took him but the demon decided to set Gavin free in present time with the condition that no one should know that he is the son of the King of Hell. There is a possibility for more Crowley-Gavin moments to happen in "Supernatural" Season 10.

Mark Sheppard is not the only "Supernatural" actor promoted to series regular in Season 10. The next season will have Misha Collins, who portrays angel Castiel in the show, as a series regular with the storyline focusing on the angel's diminishing grace.  

"Supernatural" is scheduled to return with Season 10 this fall every Tuesday night at 9 pm on the CW Network.

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