Supernatural Season 10 Spoilers: Jared Padalecki Talks about Restart, Flashbacks, Demon Dean and Sam's Enemy in New Season

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The story on demon Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) may be the focus of "Supernatural" Season 10 but actor Jared Padalecki talked about the other things fans can look forward to in the CW TV series during the 2014 TCA (Television Critics Association) Summer Press Tour. Aside from Demon Dean, the 32-year-old actor teased that the new season is like a restart with flashbacks possibly happening and an enemy that will make his character, Sam Winchester, really furious.

In the TV Fanatic interview, Jared Padalecki admitted that "Supernatural" Season 10 will bring the fans back to the demon hunting aspect of the Winchesters. Unfortunately, Sam Winchester will be the only demon hunter because his brother, Dean, will be the hunted.

Padalecki explained that the demon hunting aspect in the upcoming new season is close to a restart or reset. "It's not a complete restart because dealing with a demon brother but we do see them kind of go back to what they set out to do, which is nice," the actor stated.

With Dean's new kind of life as a demon, Jared Padalecki teased that the Winchester brothers will be away from each other for more than a couple of episodes and some flashbacks could be shown in the new episodes. Furthermore, the actor confirmed that Sam Winchester gets in touch with Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and he will be after the King of Hell after finding out he has something to do with Dean's disappearance.

"Sam is made aware of how Dean got away and what he assumes Crowley did and why. Crowley is shit list number one, so to speak," Padalecki revealed. And when Sam figures out what really happened, Jared Padalecki teased his character will be furious.

Executive producer Jeremy Carver revealed in the Hypable report that Crowley is excited with the idea of taking a howl at the Moon with Dean but the older Winchester sibling may or may not accept what Crowley plans to do with him. Carver also pointed out that the premiere of "Supernatural" Season 10 will have Sam making up for his mistake in Season 8 when he did not look for Dean when his older brother got thrown in purgatory.  

"Sam is so invested in finding his brother that it leads him to do some questionable things that will make him and, certainly, the audience wonder which one of these guys is the true monster," the executive producer teased. Another big question in "Supernatural" Season 10 is how Sam will save Dean.  

"That's going to come into play because that's also very crucial because Dean's a demon and demonless Dean is dead Dean. So Sam has to find out if I expel the demon am I just re-killing my brother?" Padalecki shared. "Supernatural" Season 10 premiere is scheduled on Tuesday night, Oct 7, at 9 pm ET on the CW Network.  

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