Supernatural Season 10 Spoilers: Jared Padalecki Posts on Twitter New Season's Premiere Date, Preparation for Filming in Vancouver Kicks Off

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The preparation for "Supernatural" Season 10 filming in Vancouver, Canada kicks off as the production crew head back to the location and excitedly post about it on Twitter. Actor Jared Padalecki teased as well on the social media site the premiere date of the CW TV series' brand new season.

According to the Enstars report, the "Supernatural" crew is now back in Vancouver and ready to work on Season 10 after five weeks of writing the scripts for five episodes as well as revising them. Location manager Russ Hamilton teased the "Supernatural" fans on Twitter about the team, from the executive producers to the visual effects members, officially starting the preparations for Season 10.

"5:41 a.m. I think we can safely say that today is officially Day One of Prep for Season Ten," Hamilton posted on his Twitter account @RUSS_MOVIEGOD on Monday, June 23. Russ Hamilton has previously teased also on Twitter that the scripts for "Supernatural" Season 10 left him stunned and made him excited to return for work.

"From what I've read, WOW is all I can say, I've never been so excited for a Season of any show I've EVER done," Hamilton tweeted on Tuesday, June 17. As for the actors of "Supernatural" Season 9, they still have time to enjoy their break before filming resumes this coming July.

The fans and the production crew are not the only ones excited for "Supernatural" Season 10 as actor Jared Padalecki, who portrays Sam Winchester," posted on Twitter about the premiere date of the CW TV series' new season. Padalecki, 31, asked the fans to mark the date October 7 on their calendars to see the Winchester brothers back in action.

"Clear your calendars!! October 7th, the Winchester's are back in action! Don't make me come get you! #supernatural #CWFallPremieres," the actor posted on his Twitter account @jarpad on Thursday, June 26. The anticipation for "Supernatural" Season 10 is high because the new season will not only hold its 200th episode but it will revolve on the story of Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) being a demon and if Team Free Will can find a way to bring him back.

Catch the return of the Winchesters, Castiel and Crowley in "Supernatural" Season 10 when it premieres on Tuesday, October 7, on the CW Network.

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