Superman vs Batman Movie Release Date, Cast & News Update: Other Potential Superheroes Fans Would Love To See

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The rumours just can't stop coming for the upcoming sequel of 'Man of Steel' even if the title is not even confirmed yet. At the moment, the 'Superman vs Batman' movie has recently confirmed the inclusion of Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor. And yet, the speculations continue on the rest of the superheroes who will make it on the big screen with the major characters. came up with some interesting thoughts on who should make it to the superheroes list of the sequel:

It can bring much comic relief if they would think about adding Plastic Man. His being an ex-con can also create a twist to the already too serious theme of having both Superman and Batman on board one film.

The Oracle can act as the one to organize them the way S.H.I.E.L.D. gets to gather round the Justice League. She can render another unique sense of empowerment that is an essential element for any superhero movie. Besides, the guys would love to see another female hero in it aside from Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

Big Barda is another female character that can render balance on the movie with regards to gender issues that may come up along the way. She can be a good equivalent of Thor in terms of power potential and can even be in conflict with the Darkseld.

Speaking of Gal Gadot, the Wonder Woman actress landed another role for a new police thriller film called 'Triple Nine.' The big budget movie also has big stars on board such as Kate Winslet, Teresa Palmer, Michael Pena and a lot more, Times of Israel reported.

The delay of the 'Superman vs Batman' movie release date to 2016 did not just give Ms Gadot a chance to work on other projects but also train physically for the superhero part. Many fans are still bashing about her being cast as Wonder Woman, thinking that she does not have the body fit to play the female superhero. To this, DC Comics and Warner Bros. decided to bring in an expert trainer to get the actress up and ready for the part, MStarz wrote.

Besides, many fans are also forgetting that the young actress has been in the Israel army for two years. Isn't that fact enough to address all casting concerns about her part?

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