Superhero Mondays: Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile Gets Darkseid, Android Problems; Batman: Arkham Knight Memes Start


Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile finally has something over the console and PC versions--Darkseid. The new character, which has just been announced and released as a time-based challenge, is probably one of the new reasons why you should pick up the mobile game again.

"Darkseid is here! Exclusively for the Injustice Mobile game! Make sure you update your game for this awesome new challenge," said the official Injustice Game Facebook page.

However, this probably goes for the iOS and a few Android users, as the latest update of Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile version currently doesn't work with all of Android-based handsets.

The game is currently at the 14th day countdown from the original 17 days, and still there are some handsets that contain the glitch in the challenge. For those using some Android handsets, like the Samsung Galaxy S4, the glitch features the fourth challenge being unplayable and freezing the app if you try to play a round.

Also, players will notice that all of the rewards for the first four rounds have already been "won" though you have not yet gotten anything, and even if you try to play through the challenge, it is unlikely that you will get Darkseid.

A glitched challenge in Android and Kindle handsets is not uncommon, as this is the second following the Raven challenge, which just recently ended. It features similar glitches, such as unplayable rounds in the challenge, though the developer does provide updates that would fix the game and prolong the time expiration enough for players to win the newest character.

So far, Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile Facebook fan page has announced that that the Kindle has received an update, though this also gets mixed reactions from fans. Some say that the update works for the device, while others are still having issues.

However, Android users still need to stay put--if the Raven challenge was fixed and extended, it's highly likely that the developers will announce it sometime soon.

Darkseid seems to be worth getting for those who want to farm their bronze characters more easily by facing them off with the big bosses in the latter levels of Injustice: Gods Among Us. This is because Darkseid's passive skill raises your bronze characters' stats by 300%, making them as powerful as some Gold characters, apparently.

Batman: Arkham Knight announced, Memes start

Now that Rocksteady's final project for the Arkham series has already been officially announced, it's only a matter of time until the memes start to flood the Internet. And leading the pack is the Arkham City Memes Facebook page, which has started to collect some of the funniest ones circulating in the Internet.

From Superman's obvious lack of dedicated video game series to the fact that Batman: Arkham Knight may just be the reason why people will be getting the next-gen consoles, the Arkham City Memes Facebook page features quite an extensive array of memes.

Another one from Memecrunch harks back to the days when Michael Keaton was playing Batman, which you can see here.

For those who were just blown away by the upcoming features, playables and all new things that will be seen in Batman: Arkham Knight, this is the perfect meme from Memedroid.

Gamers who have not been very avid fans of the most recent installment of the game, Batman: Arkham Origins, may be able to sympathize with this imglfip meme, featuring Val Kilmer's old Batman persona.

The Goddamn Batman Facebook page also made use of Ellen Degeneres' epic pic tweet fad for a funny meme of what will be the equally epic Batmobile for Batman: Arkham Knight.

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