‘Super Smash Bros.’ Gets Massive Leak For Character Roster, Game Details And Sleep Mode

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Apart from the upcoming "Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire," Nintendo isn't looking at resigning its 3DS console just yet because of another expected hit game, the "Super Smash Bros."

And after a number of teasers and official announcements coming to its roster, a number of screenshots and footage of the title may have been leaked thanks to a NeoGAF user.

DualShockers managed to get its hands on the screenshots and videos, which also includes a couple of new faces added to the still-growing roster of characters. Bowser Jr. in a Koopa Clown Car and "Xenoblade Chronicles" Shulk were spotted in their videos, which practically confirms the addition of these two characters.

As of this writing, the leaked videos have been removed from YouTube, while the screenshots of the suspected "Super Smash Bros." roster can be seen in the link above.

A Handful Of Game Info Leaked for 'Super Smash Bros.'

While on the subject of leaks for Nintendo's upcoming brawl fest, Nintendo Everything also managed to compile quite the list of leaks.

One of them is the newly announced character, Captain Falcon, where it's stated that the intense fire animations will be seen in "Super Smash Bros." As one of the more seasoned fighters, Captain Falcon will boast his racer moves in the fourth installment of the game.

Another of the newly announced characters is Robin, who is reported to have both male and female counterparts, with the two roles playing in the Dual Attack. When fighting, it's necessary for the player to take aim, as Robin's thunder sword requires charging time, whether you hit or miss your opponent.

The final smash will feature Chrome charging forward and chaining sword slashes. Robin will be using magic during this final smash. Robin has four reported specials, Thunder, Fire, El wind and Resire. The last one is interesting in that you not only deal damage, but also heal Robin. In addition, the move increases in power the more times you it an opponent from the back.

'Super Smash Bros.' Gets Sleep Mode For Music Playback

The catchy themes in "Super Smash Bros." can now be revisited when you want to, and even without having your Nintendo 3DS open at all times.

According to Joystiq, there will be a "Play in Sleep Mode" included in the playback mode for the musical tracks in the title. This has been confirmed by director Masahiro Sakurai, explaining that owners of the game can now keep their Nintendo 3DS closed while listening to tracks by just using the L and R buttons.

The track listing may also be a mix of old and new, as there are some marked to be a remix made for the "Super Smash Bros." while there are also those that are from the previous scores.

The full list of tracks for "Super Smash Bros." has not yet been released, though there are already a few samples that can be listened to until the waited Oct. 3 reveal.

"Super Smash Bros 4" Captain Falcon and Lucina/Robin trailer (Credit: YouTube/GamesHQMedia)

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