Super Smash Bros 4 Update: Mega Charizard Final Smash Confirmed For Wii U, 3DS Release Date Update

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Pokemon X and Y
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The Super Smash Bros 4 characters on the 3DS and Wii U have made fans super excited, especially for the Pokémon game.

According to the Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U and 3DS Facebook page, the mega form is set to be a final smash, at least for the fire-starter Charizard. Also, Charizard will come with a new special attack known as the Flare Blitz. This will be a powerful attack that can cause recoil damage upon contact. This new attack will also be Charizard's side special attack and Rock Smash is the down special attack.

As expected, Charizard will be a powerful addition to the Super Smash Bros 4 arena and although there have been pseudo-dragon fire type challenges in the past, this is the first time that it will be solo. With his mega form and being an actual dragon, there will be additional percentage to Charizard's Smash Bros hit point counter and that would depend on how tough the actual move will be, but could still be worth it.

The Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U and 3DS contender also comes back with the Rock Smash move, but the Facebook page failed to mention if Mega Charizard X will have the same set of moves.

There are three surprising points from the Mega Charizard's announcement: (1) mega form of Charizard could translate to other Pokémons; (2) Nintendo previously claimed there will be no character transformations in this game, which isn't the case now; (3) considering this is the case for Charizard, the possibility that Mega Lucario will be the final smash is quite likely.

Meanwhile, the Super Smash Bros 4 release date is set twice this year. The release date window on Nintendo 3DS will be in summer 2014 and winter or Holidays for Wii U.

Judging from the current Super Smash Bros 4 characters, Nintendo might have purchases depending on the favorites of the gamers. But who knows if more characters are hidden within the recesses of the game cart.

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