Super-Slim iPhone 6 on Release Date Confirmed as Apple to Ditch 3.5mm Audio Jack for Lightning Port – Reports

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For the iPhone 6 release date this 2014, Apple is reportedly transitioning into digital connections ports that likely will lead to the assembly of the slimmest iPhone model ever, according to new reports.

As part of the iOS 8 revelation at the WWDC 2014 last week, the iPhone maker announced its plan to fully support audio accessories or headphones that connect directly to the company's proprietary Lightning port.

The fresh Apple move will effectively bump off the analog 3.5mm audio jack from its ecosystem as the implementation is expected to take effect across the board, covering the devices that run in the iOS and OS X platforms, Apple Insider said in a report.

It is anticipated too, the same report added, that the decision will initially be met by uproars in the same manner that iPhone users were critical of Apple when the tech giant introduced the Lightning port with the iPhone 5 in 2012.

Back then, the new connection standard instantly made millions of iOS device accessories obsolete but Apple boldly pushed through, convinced that Lighting port makes for a better and digitally-enhanced mobile device experience.

It will be the same way with the Lightning-enabled headphones and Apple Insider has listed the following fresh benefits that iPhone, iPad and iPod companion products will bring to the table:

Smarter mobile audio features

With the Lightning headphone module, iPhone users will take considerable control of the device through the accessory plus the doodles of enhancements to come with the digital leapfrog such as better noise cancellation and superb audio quality.

It is suggested too that earpieces geared the Lightning port will permit users to navigate through the iTunes Radio and select third-party applications.


Lightning headphones are also envisioned as more aesthetically designed, lightweight and some models possibly packing their own battery. The latter will theoretically extend the operating hours of the iPhone 6, for instance, as the accessory will not need to siphon off power from the device having its own energy source.

A thinner iPhone 6

Apple will reportedly overhaul the Lightning port hardware design in time for the iPhone 6 rollout, further compressing its already thin built that suggests the next iPhone will be shedding more millimetres in thickness.

This likelihood is backed by reports in later April that the iPhone 6 will sport a 6mm-thin body profile, considerably shrinking from the 7.1mm iPhone 5S.

It is unclear though if the super-slim iPhone 6 build applies for both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch editions, both of which are reportedly set for mid-September 2014 release date.

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