Super Rugby’s Governing Body to Investigate Waratahs Aussie coach Cheika for Cameraman Incident

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Broadcaster Super Sport based in South Africa is asserting that NSW Waratahs coach Michael Cheika had a verbal confrontation with one of their cameramen in the Waratahs’ game on Saturday. SANZAR, the Super Rugby’s governing body has taken notice and is set to investigate the incident.

"There was a confrontation with the cameraman, the coach objected to Super Sport filming him and he approached and abused him," a Super Sport spokesman said in an ESPN article. "A couple of choice words were used. Where Super Sport draws the line is being threatened."

The supposed clash occurred during Waratah’s loss to the Sharks at Kings Park but the Waratahs’ coach had a different take why he left the box and went to the side of the pitch.

"The Sharks captain was continually in the ear of the referee. When [the referee] came into the dressing room before the game and spoke to our captain he said 'don't come up and talk to me unless there's a point. So I asked Dave to get involved there and say 'you can't keep talking to the referee all the time, we have to play'. The game was stopping far too much, there was too much talking around those things, which hurt us," said Chaika.

The former Australian rugby union player has had a history of being an ill-tempered coach during the matches. Two weeks ago, he broke a pane of glass in the coaches’ box at Canberra Stadium where his team lost to the Brumbles.

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