Super Private Blackphone is Market Ready

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Blackphone, the long-awaited smartphone of advanced security and privacy features, is all set to hit the market.

Thousands of pre-ordered Blackphones have already been sold out. The black-colored smartphone is sleek and looks like a miniature version of Samsung's Galaxy smartphone. It is compatible with all GSM carriers.

Android Phone

The smartphone is powered by PrivatOS, an Android-based operating system with maximum privacy measures. The Blackphone has built-in industrial grade encryption protecting IMs, voice, video and chat. It has been developed as a collaboration between Swiizerland-based SilentCircle and Geeksphone Blackphone. It was the brainchild of security guru Phil Zimmerman, famous for the encryption tool PGP.

Blackphone is built on Android KitKat. It has Wi-Fi security that stops hotspots from capturing the history of users wireless connection. It is deemed valuable for frequent travelers to disallow their connection history to track locations or patterns of information about office or networks.


Blackphone has a single SIM slot, a Micro USB, Bluetooth and audio jack plus a camera.

Privacy Features

This Android smartphone comes with pre-installed privacy and anti-surveillance services. It has encrypted VoIP, Silent Text for encrypted messaging, silent contacts and encrypted contact list that other apps cannot ingress.

Priced for Privacy

Blackphone justifies the super price it commands. It may not be if any bleeding-edge specs. But Blackphone keeps its mobile communications very private. The smartphone was firsy unveiled at the Mobile World Congress and flaunted as impervious to all NSA cryptography.

Good Features

Blackphone is slim and sexy. In a 4.7-inch display, it has 1 GB of LPDDR RAM. The extra features include secure file and transfer storage plus private browsing options. Buoyed by the soaring demand, Silent Circle and Geeksphone will now re-open the Blackphone Web store on July 14 for helping all the interested buyers online.

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