Super Bowl 2014 in New Jersey: Expect Less of the 2013 Half-Time Grandeur? [PHOTOS]

Can the Weather Beat the Super Bowl Half-Time Treats?


Amidst the success of Super Bowl half-time show at 2013 Sunday, organizers are saying that there could be no repeat of this year’s success at the highly-watched sports events next year.

The Daily Mail said that the organizers of next year’s ‘campfire’ event fear that it could be too cold in New Jersey that half-time show at an open field is out of question.

The 2014 Super Bowl could have been the first time that will be played outdoors. But cold weather at this time of the year may affect all performances of the artists.

Quoting the New York Post, the online news said that there still no plans being outlined for any musical show. Should there be a repeat of Beyonce’s spectacular performance, the half-time show next year will be held at the Metlife Stadium in New Jersey.

The NFL officials are allegedly in the dark as to how to put together another spectacular performances as shown at this year’s show and Madonna’s record-setting half-time show at Super Bowl in 2012.

Speculations and forecasts of next year’s Super Bowl came about after the success of this year’s event. Despite the 35-minute power outage and the narrow win by Baltimore Ravens over the San Francisco 49ers Sunday, the event came out a spectacular one for millions of viewers.

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