Super Bowl 2014: Eli the Ape Predicts Seattle Seahawks Will Win Super Bowl 2014; Other Animals Also Give Predictions

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A few days before the Seattle Seahawks was declared as champions of Super Bowl 2014, a Utah ape apparently already knew that the team will win over the Denver Broncos. You know what they say that everyone is born win an innate psychic ability, but they didn't say that a primate can have the same extrasensory perception or sixth sense.

A Bornean primate at Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City named Eli has correctly picked the Super Bowl winner for six consecutive years, ESPN reported. The winners for of Super Bowl in the last 6 years from 2008 to 2013 were the New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants and Baltimore Ravens. Yes! Eli correctly predicted that those teams would win the Super Bowl. In 2014, the primate still hasn't lost its touch.

According to Erica Hansen, who works for the said wildlife park, Eli swiftly knocked down a papier mache helmet bearing the Seahawks logo, beckoning his top choice to win the Super Bowl 2014.

"He made his pick without any hesitation," said Ms Hansen. The zoo's spokesperson said that Eli's choice has drawn several mixed emotions from her team of zookeepers, especially those who were rooting for the Broncos.

(Credit: YouTube/Alex)

"They are hoping that this is his first wrong year," Ms Hansen added. She said Eli has gotten more attention recently because people anticipate for the ape's prediction. People have gotten even more curious and have been asking them when Eli was going to make his prediction for Super Bowl 2014.

"He's better than the Vegas odds-makers," said Ms Hansen.

Aside from Eli, there were other animals who have given their forecasts for the Super Bowl 2014 winner, as first reported by Time. The famous Jack Russell Terrier from the Jay Leno show, Anastasia, who correctly picked the Super Bowl winner three times, also picked the Seahawks to win the big game in 2014.

(Video courtesy: YouTube/The Tonight Show with Jay Leno)

A porcupine named Teddy also picked the Seahawks to win Super Bowl 2014.

(Credit: YouTube/Zooniversity1)

Then, there's a cute little bunny, whom they called Fred, who opted for the Seahawks.

(Credit: YouTube/DaBeachBunnies)

On the other hand, there were other animals who forecasted the Broncos to win the big game. Comedian Jimmy Fallon's cuddly puppies picked the Broncos to defeat the Seahawks.

(Credit: YouTube/Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

An octopus called Pepper at Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto predicted that the Broncos will win. It took almost an hour before Pepper revealed the prediction. Pepper was given two helmets, a Broncos and a Seahawks. Pepper dropped the Seahawks which lead the entire staff to believe that the sea creature thinks that Manning and his team will win the Super Bowl 2014.

A seal in a Florida zoo named Orange also chosen the Broncos to win.

(Credit: YouTube/The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk)

A manatee called Buffet at the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in Sarasota, Florida, has predicted that the Broncos will be victorious over the Seahawks.

(Credit: YouTube/Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium)

Lastly, a panda at Memphis Zoo has chosen the Broncos, too.

(Credit: YouTube/Memphis Zoo)

What did you think of those animals? Animals and sports betting are now some kind of addiction, don't you think? Some of these animals have to be credited for their forecasting talents, too.

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