Super Bowl 2013 Invades Twitter: Athletes and Celebrities Tweet Their Bets [PHOTOS]


It's Super Bowl weekend and everyone is tweeting about it. The football game invades social networking site Twitter with current news, predictions and ramblings about the 47th Super Bowl.

Super Bowl is happening live at the Mercedes-Benz Supedome in New Orleans. Along with it, fans and other spectators are glued in to their seats waiting for the turn of events on the game between the San Fransico 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens.

Meanwhile, Twitter is flooded with Super Bowl news. From Twitter ramblings of users to reactions of famous people and celebrities, Twittverse is busy. Celebrities cheer their favored teams and of course, people are talking about Beyonce's halftime show.

After Destiny Child's reunion with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams appearing on stage, this is definitely one of the busiest times for the social networking site.

Even Kim Kardashian posted about the game saying, "Who is everyone rooting for today? I think I'm all for the San Francisco 9ers!!!!"

British boyband member, Niall Horan of One Direction also tweeted about the Super Bowl game, "Who do I follow in superbowl tonight american fans? 49ers or ravens? I don't know much about american football"

Neil Patrick Harris as well as Chad Michael Murray expressed their excitement about the game. While Katie Couric said that she will be rooting for the Ravens since Baltimore is near her home.

Other famous people like Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, Hank Azaria, Piers Morgan, Serena Williams and so much more have posted about their thoughts about the game.

Browse through the gallery to see how famous celebrities react to the 49er vs. Ravens game at the 47th Super Bowl.

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