Super Bowl 2013 : Beyonce Named Half-Time Heroine

How Beyonce Prepared for Super Bowl Halftime 2013


Beyonce stunned members of the press when she opened her pre-Super Bowl 2013 conference with an acapella of “The Star Sprangled Banner,” proving that “the girl can sing.”

Following her lip-sycnhed performance during the historical second inauguration of President Barack Obama on January 21, critics have been unkind to the 31-year-old R& B singer.

Words have been said, casting doubts on her ability to sing live in front of millions of audience

This doesn’t stop her critics and haters alike from speculating if she could deliver when the half-time comes.

Worse, everyone is asking if Beyonce could top Madonna’s record-setting TV audience in Super Bowl 2012. Records show that Madonna’s 12-minute half time performance drew in 111 million viewers.

With the lip-synch fiasco, now considered as pre-Bowl hype, the pressure is on Beyonce to prove that not only does she have beauty and talent, but she also has what it takes to attract more audience than Madonna’s performance last year.

The “Crazy in Love” hitmaker admitted she is ''nervous'' about the much-talked about show. She added however, that is deterined to ''surprise everybody'' with what she has prepared for for the show.

“I am ready to surprise everybody and show you what I've got,” the National Ledger quoted Beyonce as saying.

She added: ''I'm very nervous but very excited. I have trained hard and I'm feeling absolutely fantastic.'

Beyonce has reportedly been preparing for the Super Bowl XLVII, apparently since October 2012.

Not only does she spend more time than usual for the rehearsals . She has also reportedly taking yoga classes and pole dancing exercises as part of her routine to prepare for the half-time show at Superbowl.

She sings. She dances. She conquered. Beyonce’s critics will soon find out if the singer is this year’s Super Bowl Halftime heroine with her performance at the much anticipated sport’s event.

Watch the VIDEOS to see how Beyonce prepared for the Super Bowl Half-time 2013.

Day 1 Rehearsal

Day 2 Rehearsal

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