Super Bowl 2013: Beyonce Illuminati Sign Memes and Reactions [PHOTOS]

What is the Illuminati?


Super Bowl 2013, Illuminati and Beyonce are hot topics on social networks for reasons other than the thrill of sports. Beyonce's much talked about so-called "Illuminati" sign at the halftime performance is being dissected by viewers. Many netizens are claiming the flashed sign is not just about Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella record sign.

Beyonce's 'Illuminati' Sparks Memes

VIDEO: What is the Illuminati? (Signs)

Beyonce and her hubby Jay-Z of Roc-A-Fella have been associated to Illuminati via rumours even before the Super Bowl 2013 controversy. Jay-Z flashes the same triangle shape in reference to his record label. This could be the reason why Beyonce was flashing the triangle sign. But some people would not easily accept the idea.

Scroll down to play an Iluminati-related video. This shows some of the persistent beliefs about the secret society.

Super Bowl 2013 "Illuminati Sign" -- Is Beyonce part of a secret society?

"Beyonce flashes Illuminati sign," says various reports after her Super Bowl halftime reunion with Destiny's Child. "Beyonce's got the power of triangles," says one of the memes that quickly circulated the internet shortly after the pop diva was alleged to have flashed the sign. (Start the accompanying slideshow to see related memes and Tumblr posts.)

The Illuminati refers to secret society affiliations supposedly established long ago in history under dark if not evil plans. The terminology saw a rise in popularity when Dan Brown's novels, particularly "Da Vinci Code," tackled the subject.

One of the points being raised on Tumblr is that Beyonce adopted the form of Shiva (god of death) in a split-second move. The same user pointed out Beyonce showed "a very blank look in her eyes and has a weird smirk on her face."

VIDEO: Jay-Z, Roc-A-Fella Record Sign, and the Illuminati (YouTube Clip)

Beyonce's camp has yet to respond to the speculations sparked by the pop diva's controversial (and also much-appreciated) Super Bowl performance.

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