Super Bowl 2013: Beyonce Failed to Break Madonna’s Record-Setting Half-Time Show in 2012 [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]

How Beyonce’s 5-month Preparation to Super Bowl Did not Help her Beat Madona’s Record-Breaking Number of Viewers in Super Bowl 2012


Five months of preparations for the Super Bowl 2013 and Beyonce still failed to top Madonna’s record-setting audience who watched her performance at the 2012 half-time show.

According to the figures Nielsen released this week, Beyonce’s half-time performance at the Super Bowl XLVII failed to top Madonna’s audience share. Records show that only 104 million viewers glued in to watch Beyonce’s booty-vicious and “raunchy leather-clad performance.”

The figure is 4.69 million shy of the average number of audience who viewed the much-hyped performance by the 32-year old R& B singer. It looks like Jay-Z’s wife failed to deliver the goods as expectations were raised that Beyonce would prove she would surprise everyone following her controversial lip-synched performance of “The Star –Bangled Banner” at President Obama’s second inauguration last January 21.

Despite the hype brought by her inaugutral performance and her one-minute production number with members of Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, Beyonce did not beat Madonna’s 112.5 million viewers in 2012.

This could come a surprise for Beyonce herself because no amount of preparations helped Beyonce break the record set by Madonna’s half-time show at the highly-watched annual sports event.

Beyonce has reportedly spent five months to prepare for the Super Bowl. Sources say she even began conditioning her body and her vocals since October 2012. The include attending yoga and pole dance sessions to ensure she would capture millions of sports fans.

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Watch the VIDEOS and decide for yourself why Beyonce failed to attract more audience than Madonna at Super Bowl half-time show.

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