Sunset Overdrive: Zip, Shoot and Bounce Off the Colourful World of the Apocalypse on the Xbox One

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It's a world of fizz, pop and colour as Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac's newest creation, gives a new spin to how apocalypse is viewed.

Instead of the very rampant gloomy, dark and barren wastelands that populate apocalypse games, Sunset Overdrive revels in the motion and the eye-catchiness of it. And instead zombies that showcase wasting-away humans, you have zombie mutants that vary in shapes, sizes and colours, making it even more fun to kill them-none of that, "are they human, are they not?" debate.

Over at the Xbox Wire, Insomniac Games has given an overview of what fans can expect of Sunset Overdrive, alongside very colourful and action-driven screens.

You can see that the environment is your friend, but not for scavenging leftover food and supplies. As the developers say themselves, it takes elements of Tony Hawk games into the mix, meaning you have zipping and bouncing of walls as way to traverse places.

Sunset Overdrive teaser revealed at E3 2013 (via YouTube/xbox)

This is pretty much why quiet and dull moments may not be in the game's vocabulary. You're constantly moving; you can even make use of grindable rails and power lines and fence that you can vault: it's all in the name of action.

Shooting and moving is at the core of the game, and it rewards those who are willing to go on a hard and fast pace. Impressive performance of both--sliding and shooting--will reward your ammo and gun style at a higher level so you can deal more damage.

Aside from all the shooting and moving, customization has also been thought out for Sunset Overdrive. You can choose how your character looks, and you can craft weapons via the Amps system. Recipes for this can be found all over Sunset City, so in addition to all that action, you'll be looking for cans of Overcharge which you can combine with other items to craft weapons and upgrade them with powers.

In the end, it's still a mission drive game, with the main goal of toppling the Fizzco empire-the one responsible for creating the zombie mutants--but you can also check out the side missions that make this open world game an explorable place to move in.

More exclusive information leaked

With the official overview of Sunset Overdrive from Microsoft, DualShockers managed to grab some more details courtesy of a Redditor who managed to snag a copy of Edge, the magazine where some exclusive details about the game were reported.

Some of the new details include the extent of damage you can deal with guns. While they are powerful enough to take out five enemies in one shot, there are different types and a need to accumulate style through the game levels. For instance, if you haven't progressed your gun's style yet, you won't be able to deal noticeable damage to some bosses at only level one or two.

Given that the game also mixes a bit of wall-running, it may be interesting for gamers to know that the architecture in the game is predominantly Japanese-inspired, and there are a number of oddly-angled buildings where you can try wall runs.

Aggressive players may get leverage in Sunset Overdrive because attack seems to be the way to go to progress. The odds are in favor of those who love hard and fast play, so basically, shooting is the way of defense and running on walls is the way to effectively cover yourself.

Lastly, for those worried about what will happen post-release of the game, Insomniac Games has reassured fans that the Xbox One community will be very much involved in the decisions that will shape the outcome of post-launch content.

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