Sundar Pichai to Apple: 'People are adopting Android Faster,' Google I/O and Android L Preview

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Sundar Pichai has grazed headlines for quite some time now. Many consider his role at Google the next most important following Chief Executive Officer Larry Page. Recently, he shared his thoughts on managing Android and competing against Apple and its iOS platform. 

Pichai is the head of Android which is the heart of most devices today powering up mobile units across the globe. He is also in charge of Chrome which is the primary or dominant Web browser today. Prior to taking the center stage during the I/O conference of Google, Android's head had an exclusive interview with Bloomberg Businessweek's Brad Stone. Pichai shared his thoughts abour Apple's Tim Cook saying that many Android users are working with Android's ancient versions without the latest features. To that Pichai explained: 

"You have to understand, what Apple (AAPL) does and what we do are such different things. They make ... two models of the iPhone, which they get people to buy. We are shipping thousands of devices throughout the world. ... It's not an apples-to-apples [comparison]." 

"We ship a new version of Google Play Services every six weeks. Typically, 90 percent of users are on the new version of that. It's a platform layer we ship independently. In some ways, we move the platform faster than anyone else and provide a consistent layer for developers." He added 

As for Apple's statement on users who left Android and comparing user switch, Pichai shared: 

"Every piece of data I look at tells me that people are adopting Android at a faster pace than any other operating system. We are doing remarkably well. ... They run a great show." 

During the I/O Conference, Google revealed the following features of its upcoming Android L platform. These include: 

-Android Runtime (ART) - the ART becomes a system default which offers better garbage collection, debugging and development features.

-Document-centric Recents allowing users to arrange apps depending on tasks executed.

-64-bit support - this offers enhancements on both space and performance. 

Other features to be expected according to the company's developer site include: multi-networking, Project Volta and BLE Peripheral Mode.

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