Sundance Film Festival 2013: Ashton Kutcher, Amanda Seyfried, Dave Grohl movies


As we near the end of the Sundance Film Festival 2013, it's time to take a look at some of the films that made headlines, controversy, and raves.

From gun violence to a look into the life of a 70s porn star, from a veteran musician's first dabble at filmmaking to one of Hollywood's A-names doing a biopic of one of the world's greatest visionaries, Sundance Film Festival 2013 is indeed something to take a look into.

Biopic of the visionary

Steve Jobs is known as the visionary genius who changed the face of computers. Ashton Kutcher is the funny man behind That 70's Show Michael Kelso as well as the prank dude in Punk'd back in 2003. Who would've thought that someday, Kutcher would serve as the face for Steve Jobs in Joshua Michael Stern's this bio-movie.

Kutcher stars alongside Josh Gad who portrays Steve Wozniak, reports Entertainment Weekly. If you remember your Silicon Valley, Wozniak and Jobs never seemed to see eye-to-eye in certain things, and Gad and Kutcher have brought that to life on the silver screen-but the real Wozniak may have a different idea about this.

According to Vulture, Ashton fans can catch jOBS when it hits theaters on April 19.

Sights and Sound City

Foo Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl showcased his first film project, Sound City, a documentary that tracked the evolution of the music business over the last 40 years by looking at Sound City, a California recording studio that saw the rise of Mick Fleetwood, Guns N' Roses, Charles Manson, and Nirvana, to name-drop a few.

Telegraph reports that Grohl's film was met by a standing ovation, "This is my life's most important work," Grohl said in a statement in Telegraph. "I want to inspire people to get into a room with friends, play music, and suck."

Lovin' Lovelace

Also another hit at Sundance is Lovelace, a semi-biographical look at the story of Linda Lovelace, notorious star of the 70s porno Deep Throat. Lindsay Lohan fans will remember this as the movie that kicked their idol off the set.

According to The Guardian, Lovelace is a balance of everything-from the atmosphere of the era to Amanda Seyfried's performance of the lead role. Like Lovelace when she first broke out of the scene, Seyfried portrayed the fresh-faced girl who appealed to the audience.

She played alongside Peter Saarsgard as Chuck Traynor, her manager and husband, and Sharon Stone as Lovelace's mother.

Outlaws at Sundance

There's something about Ain't Them Bodies Saints that makes it a standout in the Sundance, reports Rollingstone. Directed by David Lowery and starring Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck who are basically outlaws in a film that's indie at best, Hollywood rebel at worst, but a success nonetheless

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