Summer Heat is Peaking in Melbourne and Sydney, Australians Asked to “Be Prepared”

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Sydney could experience a warmer day than usual with temperatures rising to as high as 31 degrees this Friday, according to meteorologists.

Sydney recorded the hottest night Thursday since February this year, with temperatures stopping at 21 degrees minimum.

Penrith and Richmond could sweat heavily in 40 degrees, the weather experts said. Yet this is not the worst. Weather could still get even warmer by Saturday.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Weatherzone meteorologist Ben Domensino said Friday's weather could be enhanced by a warm sea breeze.

"Whereas tomorrow, it's looking like the westerly winds may be strong enough to hold out that sea breeze... If that happens then the city may even reach the high 30s," he said.

Mr Domensino noted the heat was coming from central Australia.

"An approaching trough is directing that heat towards the NSW coast. It's peaking today and tomorrow," he said.

NSW Health and the Rural Fire Service join government agencies in urging the Aussies to take necessary measures to stay safe through the rising heat.

"The forecast weather is a timely reminder that summer is here and people should ensure both their family and their property are prepared," RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said in a statement.

Meanwhile, in Melbourne, the weather is not any gentler. The city recorded Thursday night its hottest November night in over a hundred years.

Melbourne temperatures stayed above 24 degrees for the first time since 1901. The minimum recorded temperature was 24.6 degrees Celsius, ABC reported.

In Ouyen, the temperature rose to as high as 45.8 degrees Celsius. It was the hottest November temperature ever recorded in the state of Victoria.

The state of New South Wales is drumming up its "Beat the Heat" campaign. It urges everyone to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated and safe this summer.

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