‘Suits’ Spoilers: What will Happen in Episode 11 of Season 3?

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For the fans of USA Network's "Suits," it has become a long wait to see the return of their favourite characters. The first instalment of "Suits" Season 3 ended on an ominous note when Louis did not find Mike's file in Sheila's Harvard Cabinet. Louis is not someone who is going to let it slip away. He cannot directly ask Sheila about the missing file, as he had checked her Harvard cabinet without her permission.

Louis is likely to go crazy trying to find out Mike's law school truth. "What Louis didn't find will "bore a hole in [his] crazy mind," Aaron Korsh, executive producer of "Suits," said to TV Line.

He is likely to relentlessly pursue "what is going on with Mike." TV Line reports that his investigation will have "ramifications on many different people."

In the mid-season finale of "Suits" Season 3, Rachel decides on Columbia law school because of Mike. According to TV Line, Mike and Rachel are going to take their relationship a step further. Also in the upcoming new episode, Harvey will have some explaining to do, as he offered a job to Scottie at his firm without consulting Jessica.

Jessica will not like that and is likely to have a one-to-one talk with him about how they intend to run Pearson-Specter.  Korsh said that Harvey and Jessica's resolution "will have an impact on what their power structure is moving forward."

Harvey is not going back on his offer or his personal proposal to Scottie. For the first time, Harvey might have to balance his professional and personal life. Korsh said that Harvey will be navigating... what it means to be in a relationship, and he's going to make some mistakes. And he's going to have to learn from them."

"Suits" is scheduled to return on Thursday, March 06 2014 to complete its season 3 run. USA Network has renewed it for Season 4.  It was reported earlier that the episode 11 of "Suits" will feature Olympian Michael Phelps as himself.

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