‘Suits’ Season 4 Update: Rachel, Mike Currently In A Better Place After A Short Break-Up

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Mike and Rachel's relationship can be described as tumultuous at times but most of the time full of love and understanding. Till Logan Sanders, Rachel's ex, appeared on the scene, these two were able to sort out their differences and issues at the end of the day.

The first installment of "Suits" Season 4 saw Rachel working as Harvey's associate, while Mike took-up the job of investment banker in another firm. Harvey and Mike were in different camps because of a hostile takeover battle. Harvey's client Logan turned out to be the man from Rachel's past. She had an affair with a married man in the past.

Rachel revealed to Mike that Logan is that man. Towards the end of Season 4 first half, Mike was fired from his job. He also came to know that Rachel and Logan kissed. Unable to see it as a one-time mistake, Mike said to Rachel that they are done and later moved out of their apartment. It is when a persistent Rachel asked him to decide whether his hate for what she did was more than his love for her that Mike decided to move back to their apartment. However, it took him a while to completely erase his picture of Logan and Rachel kissing each other.

When asked whether Rachel and Mike are in a good place now, Aaron Korsh, creator of "Suits," said to TV Line, "I feel like we've tried to make them in a better place and these things can always come up."

"... I like to think that they're in a better place now, but it remains to be seen. We haven't really figured that out yet in the back six," Korsh added.

In the mid-season finale, Mike met Robert Zane, Rachel's father, to ask him to hire Louis. Mr Zane brought up the topic of Rachel and Mike's wedding. Mike was not there to talk about marriage and he looked a little taken aback when Rachel's father mentioned the word.

"... he was just kind of thrown for a loop with Zane asking him that question, Korsh said to TV Line, adding that the question of marriage is not the "furthest thing" from his mind. 

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