'Suits’ Season 4 Update: Mike Threatens to Fire Harvey


Mark Ross and Harvey Specter had their share of differences when the two worked together on a case. However, Mike followed Harvey's suggestions and orders as he was the boss. In the upcoming Season 4 of "Suits," it looks like their differences are set to turn into an ugly argument. Also, Mike now has the power to fire Harvey because he is Harvey's client. 

Harvey will be Mike's attorney when these two return for a new season. In the sneak peek of the premiere episode, which is titled "One-Two-Three Go," Harvey and Mike's discussion as a client and attorney end-up with Mike warning Harvey to buck-up or he is hiring someone else.

"Harvey, when I told you my plans happening whether you like it, or not, I meant it. I'm interviewing law firms tomorrow. You show up with a better attitude or another move, or you just lost a client," Mike can be seen telling Harvey in the sneak peek. [Check the Sneak Peek Here]

This abrupt end to a heated discussion takes place because of Water Gillis. Michael Gross is portraying the role of Gillis, a founder of a DVD distribution company. He will be seen snubbing acquisition bids while trying to keep his business solvent.   

Harvey thinks Gillis is not going to listen to Mike and sell his business if he is offering to "save him with sunshine and rainbows." Mike does not like Harvey's suggestion of winning over a client by getting "some money, start buying some shares, walk in there with a club and the balls to use it if you have to."

TV Guide Mega Buzz reports that "Suits" Season 4 premiere episode, scheduled to premiere on June 11, 2014, will open three months after Season 3 finale. In the final episode of Season 3, Mike said to Harvey that he has accepted Jonathan Sidwell's job offer and asked him to give the permission to go.

The report reveals that "Mike still hasn't hit a home run" as an investment banker and "worse, his strategy to help Gillis and his fledgling business won't go over well with Harvey, who's instructed to drop Mike completely." 

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