‘Suits’ Season 4 Update: Important Story of Louis in Episode 2

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Aaron Korsh, show-runner of "Suits," has been spilling juicy titbits about "Suits" Season 4 on Twitter. He recently revealed that Louis has an important story in episode 2 of the upcoming season.

In "Suits" Season 3, Louis almost got married to Sheila. But, Louis wanted kids, while Sheila did not and that turned out to be the engagement breaker. When asked to give a hint about Louis' storyline in Season 4, Korsh said, "Just watched director's cut of 402, Louis has an emotional, humorous and important story."

Also in the previous season, Louis almost found out that Mike never went to any law school. Krosh does not rule out the possibility of Louis again looking-up into Mike's Harvard secret.

Donna is expected to get a storyline that is not based in the office. Korsh said "probably" when asked on Twitter if viewers will get to see Donna's back-story in the new season. Last month, Korsh had tweeted that "Donna remains awesome & is the only person that sees what's coming in S4 b4 it gets there but can she stop it?"

"Suits" Season 3 wrapped-up with Mike accepting Jonathan Sidwell's job offer. When "Suits" returns, he will be seen working at a new firm as an investment banker. Korsh has said on Twitter that there is a huge new Sidwell set. In one of his earlier tweets, Korsh had said that Mike will be seen wearing his first three-piece suit in the new season.

Harvey and Mike's relationship is set to go through a bumpy ride. These two will continue to interact, as Mike will be Harvey's client, but there is expected to be a major conflict between the two.  One will also get to see Rachel and Harvey interacting in the new season.

Meanwhile, every fan wants to know the answer to this question: Will Mike ever get back to practising law, again? " Korsh said "maybe" when asked the question.  

"Suits" Season 4 is scheduled to premiere on June 11, 2014. The filming of episode 4 is currently going on in Toronto, Canada.

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