‘Suits’ Season 4 Update: A Firm is Divided

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"Suits" is returning on June 11, with Season 4. Yahoo TV has published a brand new poster of the upcoming season of this USA Network's original legal drama series. The poster features all the principle characters of the show -- Harvey, Mike, Louis, Donna, Jessica and Rachel.

[Check the Poster Here]

The tagline on the poster is "A firm, divided," alluding to the new developments after Mike starts working for an investment firm. In the finale of Season 3, Mike decided to accept Jonathan Sidewell's job offer, as he no longer wanted to jeopardise the life of the people he cares about. In the poster, Mike seems to have adopted Harvey's style and attitude. As reported previously, Harvey and Mike's relationship will be that of a client and employee. These two are going to be at odds with each other.

Aaron Krosh, creator of "Suits," recently revealed on Twitter that Mike will be seen wearing his first three piece suit in the first episode of season four. He also said that Harvey and Mike's relationship is going to evolve like all relationships do.  Rachel will be going to the law school as well as working at the law firm. There are going to be hiccups in Rachel and Mike's relationship.

"Donna remains awesome & is the only person that sees what's coming in S4 b4 it gets there but can she stop it?" Aaron Krosh said on Twitter. In an interview with TV Line, Krosh said, "We are attempting...to give Donna a story of her own that is not law-firm based, and I think we'll try to do that a little bit more as the season goes."

He also said to TV Line that Jessica is likely to get a potential love interest. "There is talk of adding a love interest for Jessica and we are heavily exploring that," Krosh said, adding that there is "a little bit of a firm story and it's Jessica's love interest."

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