Suits Season 4 Update: Episode 4 on Hold, Mike Likely to Antagonise Everyone [VIDEO]

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The episode 4 of "Suits" Season 4 will not be airing on June 25. It is scheduled to air on July 09, 2014. After the two week break, "Suits" will return with a new episode titled "Leveraged." The preview of the next episode suggests that Mike is going to do something that is set to antagonise, everyone.

In the preview clip, Donna, Harvey, Louis and Rachel do not look happy with what Mike has done. The text of the preview says "some decisions can't be undone."

Rachel can be seen telling Mike that all he cares about is winning and he does not care about what it does to his friends, while Donna is standing in Mike's office, telling him "you and Harvey wanna knock each other out, you go right ahead" but she does not want him to get her between the two.

Meanwhile, Louis can be seen accusing Mike of betrayal. This is the first time in Season 4 that Mike and Louis will be having a scene together and the preview indicates that their conversation is not going to be a pleasant one. "You didn't come here to apologise, you came here to rub it in my face," Louis can be seen telling Mike in the preview video.

And, Mike wants to know from Harvey if he would have not done the same thing if he was in his position. Harvey can be seen telling Mike, "I think you are making a big mistake," while Mike almost shouts, "I've no other choice."

In the previous episode, Rachel stopped Logan Sanders from hiring a private investigator to go after Mike. Harvey met Mike's client Gillis and revealed to him about Mike's past as a drug dealer, which made Gillis tell Mike that they are done. Also, Jeff Malone informed Jessica that six subpoenas are coming for six of the firm's clients. It is Eric Woodall's first move to take down Harvey and the firm.

The five photos released by USA Network for "Leveraged" features Mike and Louis and also Jessica and Malone.      


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