‘Suits’ Season 4: Two New Characters in Leveraged as Mike Plans Hostile Takeover in Episode 4 [Spoilers]

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"Suite" Season 4 is set to return this week with a new episode, featuring two new characters. These two characters are Sean Cahill and Charles Forstman.

Neil McDonough will be playing the character of Cahill and Eric Roberts has been roped in to play Forstman. Cahill will arrive at Pearson & Specter from SEC to investigate and uncover the wrongdoing at the firm. He is Eric Woodall's man. Woodall was introduced in Season 3 finale as U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York. He picked Mike for questioning and tried to cut a deal with him. Woodall's main target was Harvey. He wanted to see Harvey's downfall, as he believed that Harvey is a dirty lawyer. Harvey managed to beat Woodall and take Mike away with him. Woodall is not done with Harvey and his firm and will be sending Cahill, who has been described as "bulldog," to fight toe-to-toe with everyone at the firm.

The Season 4 of "Suits" currently has two major conflicts, one is the firm's battle with Woodall and SEC and another is Harvey and Mike's battle over Gillis' Industries. The character of Forstman is likely to play a key role in the takeover battle, as Roberts will be seen in the recurring role of a billionaire financier. Forstman has been described as someone who has everything that he wants.

 "A titan of finance with a net worth in the billions and an outsized personality to match. His checkbook could swing any takeover battle, but if someone wants him on their side they'll have to figure out what to give the man who has everything. With his own ideas about how the game should be played, Forstman could knock over the whole chessboard," according to USA Network's description of the character, as quoted by Access Hollywood.

Mike is likely to approach Frostman, as Walter Gillis has shut the door on Mike after finding out about his drug dealing past. According to the synopsis of the upcoming episode, "Leveraged," Mike will be planning a hostile takeover of Gillis' industries.   

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