‘Suits’ Season 4: Top Spoilers of New Season Revealed

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"Suits" Season 3 wrapped-up in April, with two break-ups. When USA Network's legal drama series returns for Season 4 in June, Harvey will still be part of Pearson & Specter [obviously, as his name is still one the wall], but Mike will be seen working at a new firm and as an investment banker. It is expected that there will be a dynamic change in Harvey and Mike's relationship, as they try to make their new employee and client relationship work.

Harvey and Scottie, too, decided to go their separate ways after a short, bickering relationship. Unlike Harvey and Mike, Harvey and Scottie are unlikely to get back together.   

Here are the top spoilers of "Suits" Season 4:

Harvey and Mike will find themselves at odds with each other. According to USA Network, it's a new world order as Mike Ross leaves Pearson & Specter and heads to Wall Street as an investment banker, quickly finding himself at odds with his mentor Harvey. Aaron Korsh, creator of "Suits," has said that Harvey and Mike's relationship will be evolving the way other relationship's evolve. Since it is a new role and a new firm, Mike will be seen wearing a three-piece suit for the first time.

Melanie Papalia has been roped-in to play Mike's bright and quick-witted secretary, Amy. "She develops a nearly instant rapport with Mike, aiding him in capacities both personal and professional, ensuring that even in tough times he keeps his eye on the ball," according to USA Network. Papalia has a recurring role in the upcoming series.

Also, a new character is likely to be introduced as Jessica's love interest, while Donna gets a new story out of the firm. In "Suits" Season 3, Donna had a steamy relationship with British Harvey, Stephen Huntley, which unfortunately did not end on a good note. In the new season, "Suits" writers are "attempting...to give Donna a story of her own that is not law-firm based, and I think we'll try to do that a little bit more as the season goes," Korsh said to TV Line.    

Scottie and Sheila are unlikely to return in the new season. But, the man who wants to destroy Harvey, Eric Woodall, will be be returning in the season. It is unlikely that he will appear with a peace offer, as he sees Harvey as one of the dirty lawyers who has to be stopped from practising law.

In addition to Papalia, DB Woodside and Brendan Hines also will be joining "Suits" Season 4 as recurring guest-stars. Woodside will appear as Jeff Malone, a former SEC prosecutor who is a financial expert and has a personal stake in Harvey's firm. Woodside's expertise will be needed when Pearson & Specter will deal with one of the toughest challenges in the new season.     

Meanwhile, Hines will be portraying the role of Logan Sanders, a son of a millionaire entrepreneur who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Like other rich, spoilt-brat, Sanders is not used to hearing the word "no." He is likely to be a client of Mike's new firm and interested in acquiring Harvey's client, as USA Network's press release states, "his (Sanders) desire to prove himself by making a splashy acquisition will put him squarely in the middle of a conflict between Harvey and Mike."

"Suits" Season 4 is scheduled to return on Wednesday, June 11, 2014.  

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