'Suits' Season 4 Spoilers: Patrick J Adams, Gabriel Macht, Sarah Rafferty Tweet Premiere; Watch Mike Ross and Harvey Specter in New Competition [VIDEO]

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"Suits" Season 4, Episode 1, titled "One-Two-Three Go," airs June 11 on USA Network. The series is returning with a new Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), but Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) is not expected to treat him differently. The duo's new dynamics could put an interesting spin on the series. Sarah Rafferty and the two lead actors are on Twitter, promoting the return of the series.

Spoiler alert: This feature contains spoilers on Suits Season 3. The fourth season premiere could disorient viewers who have skipped the final episodes of the previous season.

Mike Ross, who is now an investment banker, thanks to Jonathan Sidwell (Brandon Firla), is no longer under Harvey Specter's wings. However, they still, or should, work together. Mike is in a different game now. In fact, he even gets his own assistant (Melanie Papalia), his own Donna (Sarah Rafferty).

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On Twitter, Rafferty tells fans she would live tweet Suits Season 4, Episode 1 "if I can get the kids to sleep."

"Excited to laugh a lot more with this guy for another whole season," tweets Patrick J. Adams, who guides fans to this candid photo of him and Macht. Suits Season 4 is expected to dish more power quips, acerbic fun, and classic quotes through Mike Ross and Harvey Specter.

Gabriel Macht has this pseudo spoiler on Suits Season 4, tickling many series fans from across the world. The actor's tweet involving Mike's underwear, or the lack thereof, shows fans a bit of fun that these actors share together on the set.

"Tonight's the S4 premiere of @Suits_USA," Meghan Markle also tweeted. From Pearson Specter's paralegal, Markle's Rachel Zane takes on the role of Harvey's associate, according to spoilers.

"Happy #SuitsDay, Suitors! RT if you're ready for the Season 4 Premiere, tonight at 9/8c," Rick Hoffman re-tweets the shout-out of USA's official Twitter account for the series. Hoffman's Litt has yet to find out that Mike is no longer with Harvey Specter, as of the third season finale. Even the reaction of Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) has not been seen by viewers.

Talking about Suits Season 4, series creator Aaron Korsch told BuddyTV competition could be on for Mike Ross and Harvey Specter. Korsch compared Mike to a little brother who wants to show-off his new status to his older brother.

"I didn't want [Mike Ross] to leave and come right back. They felt comfortable that there was enough story to be had if he left," Korsch said.

WATCH: Suits Season 4, Episode 1 Promo Video ('One-Two-Three Go')

Suits Season 4 premieres Wednesday night, 9/8c on USA. The next new episode, "Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner," airs June 18.

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