‘Suits’ Season 4 Spoilers: Mike, Rachel Bumpy Relationship in New Season [VIDEO]

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Mike and Rachel's relationship survived, evolved and solidified over the last two seasons. Harvey and Scottie decided to part ways, Louis and Sheila got engaged but didn't get married, and it was only Mike and Rachel who managed to keep their relationship intact at the end of "Suits" Season 3. They looked solid together and all the contentious issues between them were resolved at the end of the day. In the upcoming Season 4 of "Suits," Mike and Rachel are heading towards some bumpy relationship time.

Aaron Korsh, creator of "Suits," had revealed on Twitter that they are going to "throw some sh** in the path..." when it comes to Mike and Rachel's relationship. He said to TV Guide Mega Buzz, "There are quite a few bumps for [Mike and Rachel]."

Korsh also revealed to TV Guide that they have "decided for sure" whether the pair of Rachel and Mike will spilt in Season 4, or not. According to Korsh, he had wanted to break them up in Season 3.

As reported previously, Mike will get a new executive secretary, Amy, in the upcoming season. In an interview, Korsh had said that Amy is Mike's Donna. TV Guide reports that these two will have an easy going relationship. However, the report rules out the possibility of Amy becoming a third-wheel in Mike and Rachel's relationship.

Amy may be like Donna but she is not Donna. When asked on Twitter if Mike's secretary is more awesome than Donna, Korsh said, "nobody is more awesome than Donna."

Meanwhile, the preview clip of the upcoming season does provide a glimpse of cracks in Mike and Rachel's relationship. The preview clip suggests that there is a new man in Rachel's life. He can be seen leaning forward to kiss Rachel and she seems to be ready for the kiss. Moreover, the preview clip also hints at something that has come between Rachel and Mike.


"Suits" Season 4 is scheduled to premiere on June 11, 2014. The first episode, which is titled "One, Two, Three, Go," seems to be full of tension and conflicts.

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