‘Suits’ Season 4 Set To Return To Tackle The Problem Head-On

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It was thrilling final moments of "Suits" in Season 4 mid-season finale, "This is Rome." Louis finally figured out that Mike never went to Harvard, and that Harvey, Donna and Jessica knew about that. The episode ended with Louis asking Jessica, from the position of strength, to put his name on the wall -- Pearson Specter Litt. This is one twist that no one saw coming. Aaron Korsh, creator of "Suits," has said that when they return with the remaining six episodes of the current season, they will be dealing with the problem head-on.  

Louis finding out about Mike's fraud has put Harvey, Jessica, Rachel and Donna in an "interesting position," Korsh said to TV Line. "... it's Mike's secret, which affects Harvey and Jessica and Donna. But it also affects Rachel because, obviously, she's with him, and Louis cares about Rachel."

 "Louis cares about them all, they all care about Louis, but he's feeling betrayed," Korsh said, adding, There's a lot, obviously, to get worked out in the last six [episodes], and we come back tackling the problem head-on."

Mike quit Pearson & Specter's at the end of Season 3 and with that, the fear of him getting exposed also evaporated. The first instalment of "Suits" Season 4 opened with Mike working as an investment banker. Harvey and Mike clashed over a hostile takeover battle. Despite being in different teams, Harvey stopped his client Logan Sanders from digging dirt on Mike and publishing about that. But then, Mike got fired towards the end of the first half, as he had made a dirty deal with Charles Forstman. Jessica refused to re-hire Mike, and Harvey was unable to do anything about that. It is Louis who used his award card to get Mike back in the firm. At the time, Louis gave up the opportunity to get Sheila back in his life. Mike returned and with it returned the fear of his fraud getting exposed some day. The ramifications of Louis finding out about Mike's fraud are huge.

The final moments of mid-season finale have showed only the tip of Louis' fury. It will be worth the wait to see how he confronts Harvey and Mike. Korsh has not spilled details about what to expect in the upcoming episodes, as the writers have not yet started working on the new episodes.

The second instalment of "Suits" Season 4 is expected premiere sometime in winter. 

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