‘Suits’ Season 4 Returns This Winter Promo [VIDEO]

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"Suits" Season 4 is expected to return this winter to telecast the remaining six episodes of the season. The first instalment ended on a huge cliffhanger, with Louis stealing the show in the final moments of the mid-season finale.

The episode 9 saw Louis resigning and exiting Pearson and Specter. In his resignation letter, he said that he knew why his name is not on the wall along with Harvey and Jessica's -- he was not worthy of that. The opening episode of Season 4 saw Louis figuring out that SEC is coming after the firm. He wanted to use that information as a leverage to get his name on the wall. But then Jeff Malone happened. The SEC man joined the firm to help Jessica and Harvey to take on the SEC. Louis got the coveted corner office, not his name on the wall.

The mid-season finale saw Louis on a losing streak. He could not take away three of his clients, as the sub-law, which he wrote, barred him from doing so. He could not get an entry in any of the firm, as he was not bringing in any business. He refused to take a job in Cincinnati, as New York is Rome and he is the gladiator. However, he was ready to move to Boston but then Sheila snubbed his offer to get back, together, as she had her list of grievances. He almost stole Harvey's client so that he could join Mr Zane's firm as a senior partner. Harvey checkmated that move and Louis was left with nothing. But, then, Mike made a mistake, not once but twice. He failed to recognise the key, which is part of the induction into Harvard's honour society -- the Order of the Coif.

Louis finally figured out that Mike never went to Harvard. Equipped with this information, he screamed at Jessica and she could do nothing but just listen to him. Jessica, however, still refused to apologise. The episode 10 ended with Louis demanding that she put his name the wall: Pearson Specter Litt.

When "Suits" Season 4 returns, most likely in winter 2015, it is going to be an explosive episode 11. Louis has yet to confront Harvey Rachel and Mike. And, it will be worth the wait to see if Jessica gives Louis what he wants.

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