'Suits' Season 4 Recap Episode 1: Harvey, Mike Begin their Street Fight in 'One, Two, Three, Go' [Spoilers]

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"Suits" Season 4 opens with multiple storylines. The Episode 1 of the new season, which is titled "One, Two, Three, Go," introduces a string of new characters. Also, a difficult takeover has been introduced to trigger a conflict between Mike and Harvey. These two are all set to begin a street fight against each other in the upcoming episodes. The Episode 1 of "Suits" Season 4 also makes Pearson & Specter open its doors for a man who may not be good news for the firm.

Here is the Recap of "Suits" Season 4 Episode 1, "One, Two, Three, Go":

The first episode picks-up some months after Mike quit his job at Pearson & Specter. It is morning time and it is the bedrooms where the episode opens. There is a new girl in Harvey's shower and shortly afterwards, he joins her in the bed. Rachel strikes a deal with Mike -- he is going to drop her at work in his limousine -- and gets between the sheets for a quick romp in the bed. Jessica is ready to go to work and her bedroom screams it is her man's bedroom.        

Mike heads to meet Walter Gillis for a takeover talk. Gillis is not interested in selling his DVD distribution centres, while Mike does not want to attempt a hostile takeover. Mike does not give-up and tries to convince Gillis, saying that predators are circling his business and he needs to raise cash to stop them.

Mike succeeds but his boss, Jonathan Sidwell, is not very much impressed, as they are in the business to make money and 30 per cent is not what he is aiming for. Sidewell demands a home run. He wants Mike to stop saving people's job and make some real money. Mike gets to hear a parting shot as well, "or, get back to being a lawyer." [Mike has a new office and an executive secretary called Amy for whom he brings lunch].

Meanwhile, Harvey arrives at his firm three hours after Jessica wanted to see him. He was having his morning meeting in the bed. Jessica updates him about a new development at one of the clients end. Max Sanders son Logan Sanders has taken over the company and Jessica has set-up a morning meeting between Harvey and Logan to ensure that the latter does not go searching for a new law firm.

When Harvey enters his office, he finds Mike waiting for him. Mike tells him that he is there to tell him that he is done playing in the kitty pool and is going after the whale. This does not mean he is thinking hostile takeover. Harvey is suggesting a more aggressive takeover approach, while Mike wants to find a company that could take over Gilles' company and keep it alive, rather than selling it part by part. Harvey does not support Mike's idea. Mike tells Harvey  that he cannot make fun of his idea and he is going with it whether Harvey likes it or not. At the end of his meeting with Harvey, Mike shows who is the boss by saying that he will be in his office and asks Harvey to get back to him at the end of the day.

Meanwhile, Louis and Katrina are having their own little meeting. Katrina has found out that Eric Woodall is sending SSC's Jeff Malone after the firm. Louis calls the man a beast. Louis pats his back for his foresightedness to guess correctly that Woodall is not yet done with their firm. He sees this as a perfect opportunity to get his name on the wall.

Louis sets off to tell Harvey about Woodall's move. However, he holds back the information after hearing Harvey's advice on how to make a woman interested. After hearing this from Harvey "you don't beg a girl to go out with you, you wait, she will call," Louis decides to wait for Harvey and Jessica to approach him and not warn them about Malone.

Malone arrives uninvited the next day. He, however, is more interested in joining the firm than going after the firm's publically trading clients to take down Harvey and Jessica. Harvey likes Malone's approach and attitude and does not mind his joining the firm. However, Jessica is not keen on hiring Malone. Later, it is revealed that Jessica is in a relationship with Malone and is sleeping with him. She visits Malone at his office and furious at him for his move to join the firm, without telling her, while the latter tells Jessica to pick-up what is important to her -- her firm or their relationship.

Mike and Harvey are heading for a major conflict. Harvey tells Donna that Mike's idea is ridiculous and he wants to use Rachel to deliver that message [Rachel is doing law school as well as assisting Harvey]. Donna objects to that and asks Harvey to treat Mike like a client. Harvey does not see things that way and sends Rachel to Mike's office, without telling her the real motive. Rachel arrives at Mike's office and tells him that Harvey gave her the day off. Mike gets Harvey's message and is upset.

Mike visits Harvey at his home to deliver his message that he is putting Pearson & Specter under review. Mike tells his former boss that if he wants his business, he has to earn it. Harvey tells him that Gillis' Industries won't be interested in his plan to save them with his idea of offering rainbows and sunshine. Harvey wants Mike to get some money, start buying some shares, and walk in with a club. Mike is not interested in taking that route. He tells Harvey to show-up with a better attitude and a plan the next day, or he is interviewing other law firms. Harvey admits to Donna that he was wrong, but before he could correct the wrong, Sanders arrives for a meeting with Harvey.

Sanders indicates his intention to takeover Gillis' Industries. He wants to be the shark and is not averse to the idea of a hostile takeover. Harvey finds himself in a conflict situation. Sanders tells him to resolve that conflict soon to show that he is on his side or not. If Harvey is not, he will lose Sander's billion dollar business. Harvey goes to Louis for a solution. When Louis comes to know that Mike has put the firm formally under review, he asks Harvey to drop Mike. Harvey has no option but to stand opposite Mike. He informs Mike that there is a conflict and as he had put them under review, he has to take-up other client's takeover pitch. Mike is not willing to drop the review and Harvey tells him that if he does not let it go, he cannot represent him on anything until it is over. Mike and Harvey are done.     

Jessica tells Harvey about his relationship status with Malone, as she is thinking of hiring him. She is worried about the consequences of personal life entering professional life, like Harvey and Scottie's case, as Malone wants to keep seeing her and work at the firm, as well. Harvey tells her to figure out what is important. Afterwards, Jessica visits Malone and tells him that he has the job at her firm, but it will be there last night, together.  

Mike goes to Sidwell and asks him to open-up his cheque book as he has done his homework. The homework is Mike telling Gillis that he knows why his business is so important to him -- it is because of his late son with whom he used to enjoy watching movies -- and why he values it and is not willing to sell it. He also reveals that how he lost his parents at a young age. Mike's emotional approach and homework make an impression on Gillis.

Harvey tells Rachel that there is going to be a street fight and there will be only one man standing when it is over. Rachel assures Harvey that she is on his team and can stand-up against Mike. Harvey mentions about Logan Sanders interested in taking over the same company that Mike is targeting.  

Harvey goes to meet Mike at his office. He wants Mike to waive the conflict as he had heard Mike's idea first. Mike does not need to sign Harvey's document as he had already prepared a document and signed it for him.

The game is on. It is a knife fight and there are no rules and Mike and Harvey say one, two, three, go to begin their battle. Later at home, Rachel reveals to Mike that the married man that she once had an affair with is Logan Sanders.

Too many things happened in one episode and all these will lead to some major drama and conflicts in the upcoming episodes. Watching Harvey and Mike not working together feels strange but then it will be interesting to see how two men, who know each other so well, are going to fight each other in a street fight.     

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