‘Suits’ Season 4: ‘Not Outrageous’ Spoilers from Aaron Korsh

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Aaron Korsh, creator of "Suits," believes in spilling spoilers unlike some of the other TV series' creators. At the time "Suits" Season 3 wrapped-up, he was delighting his show's fans with interviews, which were chockfull of tidbits about what to expect in the new season. Recently, he took to Twitter to spill more spoilers about Season 4 of "Suits," as he was unable to sleep.

Korsh answered some of the fans' questions. Here is what he said on Twitter:

As reported previously, Mike is joining Jonathan Sidwell's firm as an investment banker. This ex-employee of Pearson & Specter will be seen wearing a three piece suit in the new season. Krosh said: "Mike will sport his first three piece suit in 401."

The new season of "Suits" is set to put Harvey and Mike in a situation where they will be at odds with each other. When asked if Harvey and Mike will still be friends or tensions will rise, Korsh said: "drama is conflict so..." Also, he said that Harvey and Mike's relationship is going to evolve like relationships do.

Korsh revealed on Twitter that Gabriel Macht and Patrick J Adam are likely to direct one episode, each, of the upcoming season.

When asked about Rachel and Mike's relationship, Korsh said, "We throw some shit in the path." He also disclosed that Rachel will go to law school as well as work at the firm.

In "Suits" Season 3 finale, Harvey lets go Scottie despite being in love with her. She is unlikely to return in the new season. Krosh said: "I'd like her [Scottie] to but not worked in as of yet."

Eric Woodall, the U.S. attorney, who put Mike in the grilling room to take down Harvey, is not yet done with Harvey and Mike. Krosh indicated that he will be returning in Season 4 of "Suits."  

Louis and Sheila were on the verge of getting married but then they broke-up because Sheila did not like kids. When asked if she will be returning in Season 4, Krosh said, "Somewhat dependent on her [Rachel Harris] network show, the fate of which is yet to be decided..."  

And, what about Donna?

Korsh said: "Donna remains awesome & is the only person that sees what's coming in S4 b4 it gets there but can she stop it?"

Korsh has revealed a lot about Season 4 and it is not only Donna, but  fans can also see what is coming in "Suits" Season 4. And, no one complaining about that. 

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