‘Suits’ Season 4: Mike, Harvey ‘Not’ on the Same Side [SNEAK PEEK VIDEO]

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"Suits" Season 4 seems to be loaded with plenty of major conflicts. The recently released sneak peek of the episode suggests that Mike is struggling as an investment banker and also his relationship with Rachel is showing signs of trouble.


As previously reported, Mike will struggle to find his foothold in the investment banking field. There will be a major change in Harvey and Mike's relationship, as the two will now be working as client and attorney. These two are heading toward a major conflict. The sneak peek suggests that it is going to get ugly between Harvey and Mike.

Harvey can be seen telling someone in the sneak peek, "this is going to be a street fight and there is going to be only one man standing when its over." The sneak peek also indicates that Harvey and Mike are not standing on the same side. Harvey can be seen warning Mike that he is going to lose.

Meanwhile, it looks like Rachel and Mike's relationship will go through a testing time. The sneak peek provides a glimpse of Rachel with another man and he can be seen leaning forward to kiss her and Rachel does not look in a mood to stop him.  

Also, it seems Litt is hoping to see his name on the wall, replacing Specter's name. This can be due to Eric Woodall's vendetta against Harvey, as he returns to make things difficult for Harvey and his firm.

The sneak peek provides a glimpse of things getting warm in Harvey's room, as he finds a woman dropping her clothes and standing naked. The question is who the woman is and if this warm room leads to something hot and steamy.   

"Suits" Season 4 is scheduled to premiere on June 11, 2014.

Official Synopsis of "Suits" Season 4 Episode 1, "One-Two-Three Go": "Mike and Harvey adjust to the new arrangement, butting heads over strategy; the firm learns that a disgraced former DA may be pursuing a vendetta." This episode will open almost a month after Mike said to Harvey that he has accepted Jonathan Sidwell's job offer.

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